OPP chief surprised that Zaccardelli ‘vilified’

Posted: June 20, 2007 in Corruption, FantinoGate, OPP, RCMP

OTTAWA — Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino said yesterday he has always known former RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli to be an honourable man, and was surprised he has been “so vilified” in public comments about the Mounties’ pension fund scandal.

Several members of the RCMP have said Mr. Zaccardelli tried to thwart the initial police investigation four years ago.

Commissioner Fantino has been a professional friend of Mr. Zaccardelli for many years, since Commissioner Fantino was the chief of the Toronto Police Service.

But Commissioner Fantino said he’s not going to let his relationship with Mr. Zaccardelli stand between himself and his sworn duty as a police officer. (Edit: He still thinks he’s a cop?)

“I can assure you the OPP will do whatever we are called upon and required to do,” he said. (EDIT: Yeah.. right)

Read the full story here

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