By Gary

As Canadians we all know that you cannot rely that politicians will do much to help the average person. In a modern society the only thing that politicians are interested in is winning the next election.


In the ‘big-bad’ USA, the President was attacked for failing to visit New Orleans within the first two weeks after the hurricane that hit the city. Meanwhile in Canada McGuinty & Harper have outright refused to visit Caledonia anytime in the past 16 months. Canadian politicians do not feel they are accountable to the people and believe that Canadians will never take a stand to hold them to account.


I believe that Democracy demands each and every one of us to stand against the endless lies of our leaders and the outright abuses of Governments and the police forces. I believe that in the end Justice WINS.


McGuinty and the OPP have believed they are above the law. They believe they can disobey the courts, disobey the criminal code, and disobey their duties & responsibilities in a democratic society.


In the end it is the “Rule of Law” that holds McGuinty & Fantino to account for their actions or lack of action. Fantino believed he could spend months slandering us and believed he could even threaten and intimidate elected officials. Democracy demands that no police force, just like no military force, has the right to interfere with the political process.


Fantino’s direct attack upon democracy is so serious that I doubt there has been a greater threat to democracy in Ontario in the past 100 years.


On April 17, 2007 we had the Press Room at Queen’s Park to release information regarding Fantino’s threatening Email to Haldimand County. At the time we filed three Police Service Complaints against Fantino for his actions related to Caledonia. 


Minister Monty Kwinter told the people of Ontario on TV that he would decide within days regarding the complaints against Fantino.


As of this day, two months later, Monty Kwinter has not even decided whether to investigate Fantino. Monty Kwinter appointed a lawyer to advise him on this case. Rod McLeod is the lawyer assigned and we have had three meetings with Mr. McLeod.


With the approaching election do you think the Government is going to start any investigation into Fantino, or will they instead try to find ways to delay?


Back in April Mark Vandermaas contacted the Ombudsman’s office regarding the Two Tier Justice in Caledonia and Ipperwash. We have provided the Ombudsman with evidence regarding the various problems in Caledonia.


Now we see the Ombudsman say exactly what most people believe is really happening within the McGuinty Government, “by hiring outsiders to investigate public complaints because it wants to maintain control over the investigations”.


McGuinty, Kwinter and Fantino may think they can play games but in the end the “Rule of Law” will hold them to account.

Our Marches and Flag Raising Events are the public side of us, but the paperwork we do is what will bring down the most powerful in Government – ‘ the prime minister to the poorest of our people is equally subject to and must obey the law.’


Read the full editorial here

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