Review unearths no artifacts on Wal-Mart site; Ministry approves land for development

Posted: June 21, 2007 in Dunville, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Land claims, Natives

A thorough archaeological investigation did not turn up any First Nations artifacts on the 17-acre Dunnville Shopping Centres property.“This is just confirming the original report findings,” said Scott Dutchak, development vice-president of Calloway Real Estate Investment Fund.

He told The Chronicle he was confident about the findings in the first archaeological study completed on the property two years ago. Two flakes of Albany chert, which is used for arrowheads, were found. The Ministry of Culture signed off on the site, approving it for development.

“We’ve been talking to Six Nations quite extensively about our development and we felt it was appropriate to do (a study) again,” said Dutchak.

In the background behind Dutchak, two smaller flags on a stick and several smaller flags were stuck in a mound of topsoil near the corner of Taylor Road and North Shore Drive. Dutchak said he did not know who put the flags up but did not have a problem with them. He had not heard that any Six Nations flags had been erected on the site.

Read the full story here


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