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I would have called them what they are which is Terrorists not activists but here’s the official story coutesy of Monte Sonnenberg, – The Simcoe Reformer.

Uncertainty has been a defining characteristic of Friday the 13th motorcycle rallies in Port Dover since the beginning. No one knows if the weather will co-operate, how many people might attend or whether the festivities might break down into disorderly conduct.
Added to the list for the event in July is the question of whether native activists might try to block access to town.

Keith Swarts of Port Dover, chair of the PD13 organizing committee, and the Norfolk OPP have both been warned that activists from Six Nations might try to deny access to Port Dover the day of the rally. “That would be a major, major mistake,” Swarts said. “For them to try to shut down Port Dover on Friday the 13th? Whoa.” Calls to native spokespeople connected to the claims protest in Caledonia were not returned.

Andre Marin, the provincial ombud, has raised a tough question that Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government should answer.

He has accused the government of ignoring his office, setting up outsiders to investigate problems that really should be on the ombud’s agenda.

Marin, who did fine work earlier this year in exposing problems in the Ontario lottery organization was specifically concerned about Community Safety Minister Monte Kwinter’s decision to hire an outside lawyer to look into whether Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino breached the Police Services Act. Fantino wrote an e-mail note to politicians in Caledonia that suggested they were encouraging divisive rallies against the policing of the community, which has been divided by an aboriginal land dispute.

The ombud has suggested the government prefers to use outsiders because by doing so it can maintain better control of the investigation.

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Canada’s Indian Affairs Minister declared yesterday that fatal native standoffs like those at Oka and Ipperwash will be a thing of the past if the government successfully implements its newly independent claims commission.

“I think if we get this right, the kind of instability that we’ve seen at places like Oka and Caledonia will be something that are a thing of the past,” Jim Prentice told CTV’s Question Period.

Mr. Prentice made the comments just days before this Friday’s national day of action, when native bands plan protests across the country.

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Contentious, historic murals in B.C. Legislature coming down as show of respect for First Nations

VICTORIA–To the two Texan tourists, the murals were pretty pictures, of a history not their own, painted from a time long ago.

But when Paul and Jamie Trahan looked more closely at the four murals that encircle the grand rotunda in the B.C. Legislature, the nakedness popped out at them, as did the subtler message of the artwork.

“They make the natives look like slaves,” said the Austin Texas and throughout the U.S., paintings or murals of African Americans as slaves would be taken down because the history is still too fresh for many.

After a decade of controversy, that’s what the B.C. government is doing with the murals, which were commissioned as a gift to the province and depict four scenes from colonial history. The paintings are supposed to represent courage, enterprise, labour and justice and depict native men and women, bare-chested and working or watching as clothed colonial men sign documents or supervise.

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Welland Tribune

Editorial – One of the hazards of fixed election dates is that politicians have the capacity to begin campaigning well before the official writ period begins.We saw that in the Progressive Conservative party, when leader John Tory unveiled the party’s election platform at a convention earlier this month.

We are also seeing it in the Liberal party. Premier Dalton McGuinty is taking advantage of his decision to prorogue the legislature three weeks early to go on a cross-province tour promising bundles of cash for various projects.

This itinerary of whistlestops and stump speeches is being done on the backs of Ontario’s taxpayers.

A look at the last week’s spending announcements tells another tale. At a stop in Hamilton, with the knowledge that two incumbent Steel City Liberal MPPs wouldn’t be seeking re-election, McGuinty challenged city residents to come up with big projects for the province to pursue.For transit in the GTA and Hamilton, McGuinty promised $11.5 billion.

To encourage green automotive technologies, McGuinty promised $650 million.

In the home, a $150-million fund to offset the cost of renovations that make a house more energy efficient has been pledged.

Municipalities have been offered $220 million in loans and grants to help improve and retrofit buildings.

But none of these moneys will be made available until after the Oct. 10 election.

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By Gary McHale –

There are times in the history of a Country where true leadership is required to deal with issues that go beyond the normal issues facing Governments. No Government wishes to have these times thrust upon them and no citizen looks forward to such times either.

 In the Fall of 1970, Canada faced such a time. I was eight years old and had no interest in anything but playing games. I am sure few adults in Canada had any clue anything was escalating until events overtook the Country. 

At the time Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the Prime Minister of Canada and was faced with a small group within Quebec who felt they were justified to commit illegal acts because of their historical grievances. 

Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) was founded in the early 1960s – more info. This group had been responsible for more than 200 bombings and the deaths of at least five people, which culminated in 1970 with what is known as the October Crisis. Founded in the early 1960s, they supported the Quebec sovereignty movement. 

Pierre Elliot Trudeau was forced to decide whether to appease this terrorist group who had taken advantage of the heart felt views of many people in Quebec. Trudeau could have dealt with this situation by offering money, by releasing prisoners and by allowing FLQ members free access to the media for their Manifesto. 

On Oct. 13th, Tim Ralfe of the CBC had an impromptu interview with Trudeau, but Trudeau questioned the reporter by asking, “Is your position that you should give in to the seven demands of the FLQ?” The reporter raised the point that Canada doesn’t have a big enough military to protect everyone in the country. Trudeau then asked the reporter, “So, what do you suggest – that we protect nobody? 

The media had been calling the FLQ members who were in jail ‘political prisoners’ but Trudeau said to the reporter, “I said that you people should stop calling them political prisoners. They’re not political prisoners, they’re outlaws. They’re criminal prisoners, they’re not political prisoners, and they’re bandits. I think it is more important to get rid of those who are committing violence against the total society and those who are trying to run the government through a parallel power by establishing their authority by kidnapping and blackmail. And I think it is our duty as a government to protect government officials and important people in our society against being used as tools in this blackmail” stated Trudeau. 

History has recorded that Trudeau decided not to give in to blackmail. Trudeau stated, “there are a lot of bleeding hearts around who just don’t like to see people with helmets and guns. All I can say is, go on and bleed, but it is more important to keep law and order in the society than to be worried about weak-kneed people who don’t like the looks of…

Canada has had its share of homegrown terrorists with the FLQ and with the rise of the Warrior Society.

We have seen armed conflict with a small group of extreme radicals who have hi-jacked the native culture and are using the land claims issue as a means to gain power and money from the Government 

Our web site was the first to expose the YouTube training video that had been created to encourage the direct attack upon the Railway lines across Canada. We sent this video to both CSIS and CN Police before any media covered the story.

Canada’s Anti-Terrorism laws are quite clear, but the political will to arrest natives who have broken such laws currently does not exist. The current McGuinty Government and Harper Government are interested in one thing only… their re-election campaigns. 

What Harper and McGuinty has done is to buyout the very people who have committed the criminal acts in the first place. Instead of upholding the laws of Canada our leaders now pay people to stop committing crimes. This is bad enough if the future didn’t hold an even worse situation for Canadians. 

What message has the Government been sending to all the people who have protested in peace? What message do they send to all the Natives who work within the system to bring about change? All the people who stand peacefully without committing any crimes will see that violence, threats, and illegal acts are rewarded.

All Countries are faced with hard decisions. All Countries have to deal with both their past and their present. True leaders make decisions that look forward to the future when they act.

The billions of dollars announced by Harper & McGuinty to stop the June 29 Day of Action is nothing more than appeasement.

It sends the wrong message to the peaceful people who function within the system. It sends the wrong message to the criminals & terrorists that Governments will reward you for your crimes. Regardless of what happens on June 29, Canada has already lost.

The ‘Rule of Law’ is no longer enforced. Multiculturalism is now dead because all people are no longer equal under the law. Terrorists & Criminals now make their demands on National TV.


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MNN.  June 22, 2007.  The Red-X was apprehended by the special “anti-terrorist” forces constituted by the U.S. , Canada and Europe to institute terror.  They have taken Red-X for special “attention” and to get him out of the way for the June 29 “Phil Fontaine Day”.  Without giving him any reason or charges, he was taken away under some new law to a state that excels in torture.  No one heard from him for several days.  Once in a while, we heard static and beeps coming into our minds but nothing more. 

Suddenly a telepathic message flashed telling us how he was tortured by a special squad.  They were dressed in black with black hoods.  They looked something like Darth Vader’s gang.  They used all the old tactics like inserting large objects into his rectum which he expelled into their faces, knocking out one eye.  They siced beasts on him to frighten, bite and anally rape him.  These animals ended up trying to help him and even licked some of his wounds, which drove his tormenters nuts.  They also tried to put a computer chip in his brain so they could track him.  They were unsuccessful because his body rejected it.  He did not have the necessary anti-rejection chemicals in his system.  It fell on the floor and broke into a thousand pieces.  Derogatory terms were constantly hurled at him, like “dirty red sand nigger and maggot”, “Wagon burner, “big papoose” and “chief”.     

They squashed his testicles which bounced back like silly putty.  “You’re part of the resistance”, they kept yelling at him in frustration. “They tried to behead me but saw the scar on my neck”, he said.  They decided against this because they figured that the Third Dimension would come and sew it back on like they did before.  That happened when he was beheaded as an 8-year old at the residential school run by the churches for the colonial government.

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The chiefs of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) have encouraged people to organize and participate in a “National Day of Action” to draw attention to and educate Canadians on First Nations issues. In solidarity with those who will be taking action on June 29th, the Wasáse Movement challenges the AFN to go further than this one-day national day of rhetoric and symbolic protest. We challenge the chiefs of the AFN to truly respect their people and to engage in a real strategy of action to improve the quality of life for Indigenous people in this country.

More funding for band councils and tribunal for specific claims will not make a difference in the way our people are affected by land-loss, racism, and poverty. We believe creating a better life for our people means fighting for the respect of our inherent rights and the return of our lands through a sustained campaign of political confrontation and direct non-violent action. Wasáse calls on the Assembly of First Nations to go further in responding to the hearts and minds of all the people who engage in the National Day of Action by:

1. Redirecting the agenda and efforts of the AFN inward to strengthen our communities; and,
2. Supporting a strategy of sustained political action and confrontation going beyond June 29th.

Some of us believe in reconciliation, forgetting that the monster has a genocidal appetite, a taste for our blood, and would sooner tear us apart than lick our hands… We need to stand against history and against those who would submit to it, and with the warriors who want to beat the beast into bloody submission and teach it to behave.” – Wasáse.

This is Six Nations spokesperson Hazel Hill’s latest update from the Grand River:

I guess Stephen Harper thought he was doing something when they came up with a new “land claims process” for Canada. And I’m sure the Crown had hopes that it would allow them to usurp the authority from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy once again and hand it over to their Elected Council which would then give control back to the Crown over the current process that is on-going between the Six Nations and the Crown. This new lands claim process may very well be something that works for other Nations, but it doesn’t apply to the Six Nations Haudenosaunee.

the Province is currently working toward getting the lands which house the Burtch Correctional Facility up to standard with respect to the environmental and building code safety so that they can then be returned to the Six Nations (according to original title, and not according to the Indian Act). This was actually part of the ‘Petersons Promises’ at which time we agreed to bring the barricades down off of Argyle Street in May 2006, and only now are they actually getting to it! Talk about dragging your heels! As far as I’m concerned, the land is already ours, given to us by the Creator.

Our lands were stolen from us by the same manner and if we have to take it back parcel by parcel, don’t think we can’t or won’t. It is the honour of the Crown that is in question, not the honour of our people. We have been honourable to the point of disregarding our very own future. Now it is time we took action to rectify that. I hope that all of those nations who had indicated that they would be taking a national day of action on June 29th will continue to do so.

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Canada’s native leaders are walking a fine line as they plan for a national day of protest on June 29. They hope to be dramatic enough to draw attention to poverty on reserves, stalled land claims and other issues, yet most insist they aren’t thinking blockades or confrontation.

“We don’t want to cause a major disruption in the lives of Canadians, but at the same time, we also want to make sure they understand that this is a crisis,” Phil Fontaine, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, said in an interview this week from Ottawa. Fontaine himself recently pointed out that public sympathy for aboriginal concerns was highest during the Oka crisis in 1990. (EDIT: Phil feels killing a cop made us more sympathetic toward them?.. sure Phil)

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