This is Six Nations spokesperson Hazel Hill’s latest update from the Grand River:

I guess Stephen Harper thought he was doing something when they came up with a new “land claims process” for Canada. And I’m sure the Crown had hopes that it would allow them to usurp the authority from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy once again and hand it over to their Elected Council which would then give control back to the Crown over the current process that is on-going between the Six Nations and the Crown. This new lands claim process may very well be something that works for other Nations, but it doesn’t apply to the Six Nations Haudenosaunee.

the Province is currently working toward getting the lands which house the Burtch Correctional Facility up to standard with respect to the environmental and building code safety so that they can then be returned to the Six Nations (according to original title, and not according to the Indian Act). This was actually part of the ‘Petersons Promises’ at which time we agreed to bring the barricades down off of Argyle Street in May 2006, and only now are they actually getting to it! Talk about dragging your heels! As far as I’m concerned, the land is already ours, given to us by the Creator.

Our lands were stolen from us by the same manner and if we have to take it back parcel by parcel, don’t think we can’t or won’t. It is the honour of the Crown that is in question, not the honour of our people. We have been honourable to the point of disregarding our very own future. Now it is time we took action to rectify that. I hope that all of those nations who had indicated that they would be taking a national day of action on June 29th will continue to do so.

Attempt to see the logic in the rest of her statement here

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