As a resident of Norfolk County who certainly spends his share of time in Port Dover, I was saddened but not surprised to learn that the same Native Terrorists who took over DCE and who are threatening Canada with a summer of Terrorism are planning to come to Port Dover.

For those of you who are not familiar with the area, Port Dover is a small town on the shore of Lake Erie in which most businesses are seasonal and the economy is built on tourism. It also happens to have a road known as Highway 6 running through it which is about to turn this little town upside down.

Why mess with some little blip on the map of a town some might ask.

Dover is also the home of the Country’s biggest biker rally every Friday the 13th, and this is what the Terrorists hope to shut down this July. For decades, bikers from across the Country have flocked to Port Dover every Friday the 13th be it a hot summer day or in the middle of the winter. The event has become so large that the OPP now set up blockades on all roads into town and refuse to let cars in unless you are a resident with a special permit.

Not only do bikers show up in droves to party and flood a small fortune into the towns businesses, so do thousands of people who come to see the bikes and join in the festivities. The fact that one now has to park in a field outside of town and ride a very cramped bus to get in has done nothing to dissuade most from coming, and the financial impact on both the town, and Norfolk County would be devastating if this event were shut down by Native Terrorists. Sadly that’s their interest here.

What Harper needs to realize (why even bother hoping for McGuinty to do anything) is that this is not a quiet little thing that will go away. Imagine tens of thousands of extremely angry bikers vs. Native terrorists who have demonstrated that they are in fact heavily armed, and willing to kill. If that’s not enough for you then add in thousands of enraged residents of Norfolk County who don’t want this Native Crime Spree spreading here and you have a BIG problem.

Experience has taught us that the OPP will simply try to insert themselves between the groups and effectively be the ones creating an illegal barricade on behalf of the Natives, but if anyone thinks that is going to keep the peace in this scenario, they are in serious need of a reality check.

Before this ever happens, we have another serious problem to contend with, which also represents our one opportunity to stop the nightmare that is to come. June 29th is imminent, and Native Terrorists have made it clear they intend to strike at both the economy of Canada, and the day to day lives of its citizens. 2 days ago it was announced that Six Nations Terrorists may try to take over the Marina in Port Dover on the “Day of Action” under the pretense that it used to be a traditional fishing ground for their ancestors.

Such an act would be a simple test to see how the OPP and residents in Norfolk County react to their tactics so they can better plan a possible blockade of Friday the 13th. If they are not quickly and decisively run out of town (and hopefully into jail where they belong) this Friday, we can be sure they will be emboldened even further to bring their racist hatred fueled campaign of Terror to Norfolk throughout the summer.

The time is now for Stephen Harper (who ran on a campaign of being tough on crime) to take the reigns of this Country, act like a leader, and squash this unquestionably criminal and terrorist uprising before there is real bloodshed. How can such a massive task be accomplished? By removing Fantino immediately from office and replacing him with someone who remembers what it means to be a Police Officer instead of a corrupt puppet for the most morally bankrupt Premier in the history of Ontario. Someone who will order the OPP to arrest criminals instead of “negotiating” with and protecting them.

If the threat is too large for the OPP to handle, then send in the Military. We already know from Oka that the Canadian Military can squash an occupation which was until their arrival completely out of control, so send them in.

Harper has already tried writing appeasement cheques and promising a new form of negotiation. McGuinty has tried buying them off, asking them nicely, and smiling a lot. Fantino has tried… Well actually Fantino has done nothing but put his foot in his mouth since the day he was put into office. None of it worked so let’s stop pretending and playing politics with the lives of Canadians.

It’s now or never Mr. Harper.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. John Edwards says:

    I am hoping that the aboriginal terrorists block hwy 401, and have to be removed by the OPP, RCMP, and the military. If we don’t get this fight underway we’ll be suffering with this terrorism stupidity for years to come.

    Edit: I’m sorry John but I had to cut the last of your comment because it comes too close to what some would brand racist. I’m sure you don’t want to give them any ammo to use against us. I know that wasn’t your intention, but these psycho’s are begging for anything they can get to make this about race instead of about their behavior. – Jeff

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