Today CN Rail announced that they will shut down service for countless Canadians tomorrow (June 29th) exactly as Native Terrorists have demanded they do. The official announcement says “Via said in a statement Thursday that the sudden cancellations were in anticipation of mass commuter chaos” but we all know that’s nothing more than a weak attempt to cover their asses.

The fact of the matter is that CN Rail has given in to the demands of Terrorist Shawn Brant who told them to shut down, or he and his band of thugs would shut down the rails by force. The same Shawn Brant who has publicly announced that he and his fellow Terrorists will be armed in case police try to do their jobs and stop these Criminals from illegally blockading railways and highway 401.

The precedent set by Canadian National Railway today is not only one of supreme cowardice, it’s also encouragement for maniacs like Shawn Brant to further escalate their Terrorist campaign against Canada this summer. Naturally they waited until less than 24 hours before the blockades are supposed to begin to make this announcement so that there isn’t enough time for the backlash from outraged Canadians to hit them. What’s next, a plain white flag on the top of each train?

Supporting Terrorism via appeasement didn’t work for France during WWII and it’s not going to work for Canada in 2007. Congratulations CN Rail. You are now a guaranteed target for future attacks by Terrorists like Shawn Brant. Why not send out a press release right now addressed to him saying ” Thank you sir, may I have another?”

 Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. CN RAIL SUCKS says:


  2. Tired of the Crap says:

    When are these terrorists that threaten to be armed, going to be treated as armed maniacs threatening to kill police if they get in the way? This is beyond ridiculous now and has to be stopped. The best way to stop these terrorists is to stop funding them. No more handouts, welfare etc. If they want to make money, they can do what the rest of the country has to do… EARN IT.

  3. wild Bill says:

    CN is a private company and they can choose to deal with threats to their business and property as they will. However, if their decision to placate terrorists costs the company money it’s executives and their policies should/can be held accountable by the share holders.

    On the other hand, the police by the nature of their oath to uphold the rule of law CANNOT ignore open breaches of the peace…they MUST act unilaterally without a complaint from a private citizen (CN) when an obvious breach of peace is present….the fact is that this weekend terrorist Brant has openly promised to escalate his stupid crusade from that of civil disobedience/public mischief benign level of terrorism, to a national security threat by carrying arms and vowing to use them on any peace officer doing the duty which the rule of law dictates he must do in dealing with violent armed breaches of the peace….that is a federal crime which enters the realms of national security.

    I stand in awe seeing this dangerous chump allowed to walk free to plan and set up what will ultimately amount to a disaster that will claim lives….this is what this sociopath has been on a life long quest for…a form of martyr’s suicide as a way to escape the realities of his warped intellect and wretched criminality and sanctify it in a “cause”… he will take a lot of naive supporters and innocents with him. This level of insurrection needs federal attention immediately…CSIS intel, RCMP special ops planning, and the army’s sniper corps if need be.

    The best scenario would be to set up a plan to wisk Brant away quickly and quietly to a jail cell (before the other Saturday morning cartoon terrorists can stop it) in a bloodless bench warrant snatch by the RCMP….but if he stays in the company of terrorists to avoid this and continues to act in armed insurrection, then his long wished for wounded knee may become a distinct reality…..we will see how much fight these terrorists have when they realize that joining an armed terrorist action is a 100% guarantee you will fill a Goverment issued body bag by days end….let’s see what you’re made of after you get a well deserved bloody nose….let’s see if that anti-Canadian militant revolutionary loose talk you spew at community potlatches to the naive reserve “homeies” will still motivate terrorist recruits when there is a 100% guarantee they will fill a grave or a fed prison cell….because that’s where all your loose dangerous talk is headed.

    I at least hope Brant has the testicular fortitude to take direct responsibility for the followers he gets killed in these planned terrorist war actions…..but I won’t hold out hope he’ll find some personal integrity at this late date.

    Like all things this reserve trash brings upon himself with his foolish child-like reasoning, he will blame someone else for the results of his own stupid actions.

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