Terrorist Brant escalating campaign in Deseronto – 12:50am update

Posted: June 29, 2007 in Deseronto, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, June 29th 2007, Kingston, Native Racist Hatred, Natives, Terrorism

This is the first of countless pictures, video’s audio, and eye witness accounts that Caledonia Wakeup Call will be bringing you throughout the day (and night) Notice the complete lack of OPP while this psycho is setting fires on highways. Once again we see how blatantly Fantino was lying when he claimed the OPP were ready for this day.

Courtesy of www.CaledoniaWakeupCall.com where you will find ongoing coverage of the Day of Terrorism as it happens.

  1. Pad says:

    Native protesters propose a risk to the citizens of this Province and its many visitors. Action should be taken under Canada’s terrorist law against these individuals and prosecuted to it’s full extent. The OPP under Fantino must uphold the law in this Province. In failing to do so in brings disgrace upon himself and his dedicated staff of officers across this Province. Todays closure by the OPP in possible response to actions taken in the area should not be negotiated! An arrest warrant was issued and should be actioned! These actions by a few natives are holding this Province, the federal government and its citizens as hostages. This dramatic attempt to bring attention will not end unless the Governments put a stop to it.

  2. christiane says:

    While this site continues to toss responsiblity in the lap of the OPP for the terrorism being perpetrated by the natives, it seems to me that it should fall into the jurisdiction of the military. For someone who professes to blame the government for not taking responsibility, there is a lot of focus on the police. The government mindset of walking on eggshells and cowering in fear lest the first nations cry racism is tiring. As a Native Canadian, I am disgusted with these so called warriors. For the most part they are a bunch of idiots playing dress up in camo with headbands playing cowboys and indians, and I have more native blood in my big toe than most of the morons who are using activism as a front for lawlessness and terrorism. I think it’s incredibly unfair to the officers of the OPP to be put in the position of being the sacrificial lamb for a complacent and gutless government.

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    I toss responsibility in the lap of the OPP for standing by as on duty law enforcement Officers and watching as heinous crimes are being commited without taking action.

    I will continue to do so until they start doing their jobs.

  4. christiane says:

    Until they are given orders to do something other than stand down… they are doing their jobs. Unless of course they choose to go renegade and disobey direct orders and behave lawlessly themselves. Which I am sure would be rather refreshing for the front line officers.

  5. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    It is their sworn duty to uphold the law and protect civilians. Following any illegal order to stand down is unacceptable.

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