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On the morning of June 17, two kids tossed a volleyball sized piece of rock from the Sterling Road Bridge into traffic. One car swerved out of its path, the rock bounced off the road and shattered the next car’s windshield. The kids got away.

On the evening of June 18, I pulled into the Baptist Church parking lot, where a cruiser was sitting. There were two young male officers inside. The conversation went as follows:

ME: Good evening

Officers 1 & 2: Good Evening

ME: I have a question. Given what happened yesterday morning could you tell me why there is not a cruiser on each of the overpass bridges?

Officer 1: That’s a good question

ME: I’d appreciate an answer. What happened could happen again and someone could get killed.

Officer 2: We’d have to cross native land to get to those bridges.

ME: So?

Officer 2: We can’t drive there.

At that point I turned and walked away.

This is a warning to anyone who drives Highway #6 around Caledonia and who also values their life.

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Ontario’s ombudsman has attacked what he calls the “puffery” and spin by provincial government officials that he says involve grandiose promises that amount to little.

“It has not escaped the people of Ontario that the strongest leadership shown by many government bureaucracies has been in making puffed-up promises,” André Marin said as he released his second annual report Wednesday.

Citing a number of cases, Marin said the government’s credibility is “dying a slow death” because bureaucrats ignore problems while boasting of their accomplishments.

As an example, he said the Municipal Property Assessment Corp. billed itself as a global leader in assessment, but was actually an arrogant cutthroat agency with little regard for homeowners.

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Ontario’s government must cringe every time Andre Marin opens his mouth.That’s because Ontario’s ombudsman rarely has a nice thing to say, which is understandable when you are charged with the task of being the province’s watchdog.

He is currently probing allegations against the Special Investigations Unit, a civilian agency charged with the task of investigating incidents between police departments and the public.But, according to the most recent criticism by Marin, the list of his targets could be, and should be, a lot longer.

The problem, he says, is that the government is deliberately trying to skirt his office to avoid his scathing criticisms.

“From the government’s perspective, the risk is much more contained when you go out and hire a contractor,” Marin said last week.

Marin’s assessment stems from the Ministry of Community Safety hiring an outside investigator, at added cost to taxpayers, to investigate the actions of OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino in relation to the land claim issue in Caledonia.

The McGuinty government has proven adept at blatantly detouring controversy by simply avoiding that which is controversial.In this case, it is Marin.

A month ago, it was displayed by the premier himself during question period.

It was at the height of the slush fund scandal, when the government was under fire for distributing grants to community groups, some with direct ties to the Liberals, with no formal application process or notification that the money was available.

At the time, NDP Leader Howard Hampton asked McGuinty to apologize for inferring the opposition parties were racist for questioning this use of taxpayer money.

Instead of apologizing, McGuinty went on a rambling verbal journey into health care.

In a stunning snub, he simply ignored the question put to him by another party leader.

It’s that attitude that has McGuinty in a pre-election flurry, re-promising promises he has already broken.

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TORONTO — Staging illegal activities on tomorrow’s National Aboriginal Day of action would do nothing but “tarnish” the efforts of peaceful protesters hoping to further the case for improving the lives of aboriginal Canadians, former prime minister Paul Martin said yesterday.

Martin, who was speaking at a public forum on aboriginal rights, said illegal actions would only divert the attention of the Canadian public from the issues at hand.

“I think the case for fairness, equality of opportunity, education and health care are just simply too important to be diverted by such acts.”

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Mohawk protester Shawn Brant has emerged as a lonesome voice of hard-line native militancy, plotting major economic disruption as his way of making Canada sit up and listen.

“We’re going to have that expression of strength and solidarity across this country,” he said in an interview at the quarry he occupied on disputed land last March near Deseronto, west of Kingston.“Then we’ll step back and say: ‘You absorb this.’ Because the next time we come out, it’s going to be harder, it’s going to be longer and it’s going to have an impact on this economy that Canada can’t imagine at this point.

“We’ve had enough.”Well Shawn, apart from the sexual imagery… you took the words right out of my mouth.

My guess is though, that Dalton McGuinty will let this one, whatever it turns out to be, slide too.

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ORILLIA, ON, June 27 /CNW/ – On Friday, June 29, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) has called for a day of peaceful demonstrations and rallies to raise public awareness about aboriginal issues in Canada. Numerous legitimate protests and information and educational events are expected across Ontario, including activities that may interrupt normal travel and traffic flow.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is actively working with many involved communities and organizations to support peaceful events and legitimate forms of protest. With a responsibility to preserve public safety and maintain order, the OPP is calling on those involved not to jeopardize public peace or endanger anyone.

“I am assured by the First Nations leadership that the National Day of Action is a call for peaceful activity,” said Commissioner Julian Fantino. “The OPP fully supports people’s right to freedom of expression and lawful protest. At the same time, we have a duty to preserve the peace.


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OTTAWA, June 27 – I am aware of public statements in recent days about intentions to disrupt traffic during the National Day of Action in support of First Nations on June 29.

While these comments have been widely reported they are isolated comments and do not reflect the position of the Assembly of First Nations, or the many First Nations across the country, who have organized peaceful and positive events that are inclusive of all Canadians.

We respectfully urge Canadians not to criminalize First Nations people with respect to the actions they plan to take on June 29 and beyond.

(edit: Phil asks that you don’t fight back against Terrorism.. The same Phil Fontaine who Shawn Brant says told him to do this)

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TORONTO, June 27 – VIA Rail Canada wishes to advise passengers that its services in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada may be impacted by a possible blockade of rail lines that could be undertaken as part of the National Day of Action on June 29, 2007.

VIA services likely to be affected (in both directions) are the following:

– Toronto-Montréal

– Toronto-Ottawa

– Montréal-Senneterre

– Montréal-Halifax (June 28 departure)

– Halifax-Montréal (June 29 departure)

While VIA has not received any official confirmation of planned actions, and in fact may not receive any advance warning regarding the extent or location of a blockade, we wish to advise passengers who need to travel on June 29 on the above noted services, so that they can make alternate transportation plans if they wish to do so.

VIA will be waving any ticket service charges for passengers who wish to change their travel dates.

VIA and the railways over which its trains operate are monitoring the situation closely and will issue updates as more information becomes available.

VIA regrets any inconvenience this situation may cause its customers.

Customers may call VIA at 888-VIA-RAIL or visit this website for further information.

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Expect ‘fallout’ if violence is used at a planned blockade.

Native warriors across the country plan to keep a close eye on tomorrow’s events near Deseronto in case police attempt forceful tactics to stop Mohawk blockade plans.

The political manoeuvring of Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine and other band chiefs to distance themselves from blockades has left the Tyendinaga Mohawks seemingly alone in the runup to the proclaimed native day of action.

“They are not alone,” said one well-connected source outside Tyendinaga. “Warriors from across the country are keeping an eye on it.”

“If violence is used against the people at Tyendinaga or anywhere there is going to be fallout,” he said. “We would not think too highly of (police use of force),” said Rarahkwisere of the Akwesasne Warrior Society, adding it is up to the clan mothers to decide on a reaction. “In the event someone gets hurt, the politics of the AFN go out the window and the grassroots people come together,”

(EDIT: So if we don’t tolerate their terrorism, they will react with more terrorism, but if we do tolerate it, they will of course be emboldened even more and react with more terrorism)

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Native leaders are calling for peaceful demonstrations tomorrow, fearing that whatever public support there is for aboriginals will dry up quickly if the day is marred with violence.

Their call follows threats from Mohawk hard-liner Shawn Brant, right, who has promised to block Highway 401 and the CN Rail line near Deseronto, Ont., in protest.

There are 134 native communities in Ontario and each one is expected to mark the day in its own way.

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The Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador has persuaded Quebec’s aboriginal leaders not to organize protests for a day of action designated by its national sister organization.

‘The Oka crisis 17 years ago taught us a lot about how something simple can turn into a major confrontation.’— Chief Stephen McGregor, Kitigan Zibi

“We do not want to blockade bridges, we wish to build some,” Picard said when he made the request last week, warning that “any attempt of blockade or demonstration of civil disobedience will be severely denounced.”

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Staging illegal activities on Friday’s national aboriginal day of action would do nothing but “tarnish” the efforts of peaceful protesters hoping to further the case for improving the lives of aboriginal Canadians, former prime minister Paul Martin said Wednesday.

“I think it’s so important that this day not be marred by illegal activities and blockades,” he said. While most national and regional chiefs have called for peaceful demonstrations on Friday, there are concerns some communities may resort to illegal measures such as highway or railway blockades – acts that could spark confrontations with law enforcement.

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The Kingston Mohawk Support Network (KMSN) plans to hold demonstrations on and near railroad tracks in Kingston.

We will be calling upon our government to respect its historical agreements with First Nations, and to begin to conduct itself peaceably, justly and honourably in its dealings with all First Nations and peoples.

We have chosen the train tracks as the location for this event to demonstrate our solidarity with the numerous road and railway blockades that are being planned by First Nations communities across Canada as part of this National Day of Action.

A big part of celebrating the National Day of Action will be educating the non-native public as they cross the tracks, but equally important is showing the government and First Nations that First Nations are not alone in their fight for justice and the land they were promised.

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5 Locations – reported continously starting June 29th.

CNN – Caledonia News Network

Live reports from Caledonia, DCE, Dunnville, Deseronto, & Port Dover will be continuously updated throughout the day. Be sure to stay tuned for all the latest as it happens

As a resident of Norfolk County who certainly spends his share of time in Port Dover, I was saddened but not surprised to learn that the same Native Terrorists who took over DCE and who are threatening Canada with a summer of Terrorism are planning to come to Port Dover.

For those of you who are not familiar with the area, Port Dover is a small town on the shore of Lake Erie in which most businesses are seasonal and the economy is built on tourism. It also happens to have a road known as Highway 6 running through it which is about to turn this little town upside down.