As reported on the morning of June 29th, the OPP issued a warrant for the arrest of Terrorist Shawn Brant while he was blockading roads and railways.

I wrote that morning that it was a token warrant which they were failing to enforce. It has been 4 days now, and (suprise) The OPP have not arrested Shawn Brant. I predicted the warrant was issued so the OPP could say they were doing something (besides shutting down the 401) and now they are proving it.

On June 29th, Brant said he was going to turn himself in at midnight. The OPP failed to arrest him despite knowing exactly where he was all day and instead watched as he maintained illegal blockades. At midnight they clearly let him walk away and if asked they would either refuse to comment or say something about not wanting to “escalate the situation” or ” to avoid confrontation “.

So in the beginning Brant told the OPP they weren’t allowed to arrest him until midnight and they obeyed him. At Midnight he clearly chickened out of being held accountable for his crimes and told the OPP they could not arrest him, and they obeyed him.

Now days later, (suprise) the OPP do not have Shawn Brant in custody despite an active warrant and knowing where to find him. It’s not hard to do guys.. he lives in a bus in Deseronto. The media can find him anytime they want a clip of his racist rhetoric, and Julian Fantino clearly knows how to get ahold of him because they talked on the phone for hours “negotiating” the re opening of the 401.

Yes folks, the commissioner of the OPP spent hours on the phone with a known terrorist who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest asking him for permission to let the OPP re open the busiest highway in the Country after having his own officers shut it down to appease Shawn Brant.

Now Mr Brant is saying he will turn himself in to Police “sometime” this week, and he’s promising to blockade the 401, and rail lines again in the future because the OPP showed him he can do it with absolutely no concequences.

How many other criminals in this Country with outstanding warrants for their arrest can simply say to the Police, no you’re not allowed to arrest me and have them obey? What would happen if you or I tried to do such a thing? We would be slammed on the ground, cuffed, and thrown in jail the instant a cop laid eyes on us.

So why ladies and gentlemen is Shawn Brant still roaming free? The inmate is now essentially running the asylum with the endorsement of the OPP commissioner. The example for any Native thinking of imitating Brant has now been set, and you can be sure this is only the beginning of what is going to be a long hot summer.

Congratulations OPP, you’ve emboldened a monster and likely created many more.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. Elizabeth Hutchison says:

    Well written, Jeff. I now firmly believe that the media in this country is largely to blame for this mess! It’s only on well written blogs such as yours and web sites like CaledodniaWakeUpCall, do we get the facts! What ever happened to hard hitting reporting? I was watching the report on the 15 armed, masked terrorists trying to block an overpass in Caledonia. The reporter, beautifully coiffed and clothed, with a stern face, reported that the “15 armed men retreated to DCE.” That was it. No outrage. No questions directed at Fantino, nothing. I suppose we in Caledonia were blessed that any news station picked it up. Nationally, it wasn’t newsworthy, that 15 armed men retreated behind homes where parents slept holding their children close……behind a school where the next day, children from JK to Grade 8 would be closing down for the summer…….our media should be ashamed of themselves. Elizabeth Hutchison Caledonia

  2. wild Bill says:

    The more I watch the twisted application of law in this province the more I’m convinced the McGuinty government is constructing a dystopia.

    Not only the terrorists have to answer when a change of government occurs … the citizens of this province should swear out a complaint against the government for being derelict in its duty to enforce the rule of law equally as per section 15 of the Charter.

    What are they afraid of? Are they really that frightened to get into a scrap with armed law breakers?? Then they should not be police….get some men in there to do what the sisterboys are too frightened to do…arrest law breakers.

    Voting out this dystopian scum is not good enough…if we are to regain respect as a free citizenry under rule of law….those who tamper and pervert the law in the upper ranks must pay the penalties of their crime.

  3. Aaron says:

    Is there a bounty on his head?
    I could drag him kicking to police if only they would pay a bounty and arrest him on sight. But where is assurance they would do so?

  4. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Thank you Elizabeth. It’s a pleasure to be able to bring you the news that most don’t want you to ever hear. The efforts of some Caledonia residents should never be overlooked either. We report it, but you live it.

    Wild Bill, I tend to agree but I think seeing McGuinty, and Fantino held accountable for their role in escalating this to an ever growing frenzy are nill. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and our letters pouring in!

    Aaron, Thanks for weighing in. There is no bounty on his head because he is a Native so they can’t go around treating him like a terrorists just because he’s a terrorist! That would be politically incorrect. Brant has given himself up today on his dictated terms in the midst of a media frenzy that he created to get even more attention for himself and with the promise that someone else will take his place.

    You can not drag him anywhere or you will find yourself under arrest and Brant labeled a “victim” of assault, illegal confinement, etc..

  5. Jeff, you took the words out of my mouth. Law abiding people who try to put up a Canadian flag are aggressively arrested and libelled. Self-confessed terrorists who shut down rail lines and highways are treated like heroes. Funny how Julian had time to talk to Brant and the DCE criminals who terrorized Caledonia, but couldn’t be bothered even responding to our requests for meetings or discussions.

  6. Annie says:

    Are mohawks in tyendinaga even in this world?. Jeff, I drove past marysville turn off going east on the 401 and was blown away by what I saw. Normally you see the big sign ” we support our troops” today, it reads ” 22 Koreans and Shawn Brant Free Them Now”. How can they even make such a comparison. I think that clearly demonstrates how distorted some people’s reality has become. I shall continue to hope for the release of the Korean hostages, but hope the judge lets Brant for breaking the law, sit in jail for awhile. How can we settle anything with first nations with such a distorted view of life. When I saw that sign I was ashamed to be the granddaughter of a wonderful mohawk woman. She always believed in the end the processes would work out in favour of the innocent. We may not like the process but we must all live with it.

  7. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Hi Annie,

    They are certainly way way out of our reality, but that is the extremists. That particular area has been flooded with them no doubt due to the take over of the quarry and it being Shawn Brants base of operations.

    Thanks for the update on what’s going on up there, but please don’t be ashamed of your history and your Grandmother. The Mohawk Warriors are absolutely nuts, but that does not mean that all Mohawk people are, nor should they all be lumped together as such.

    It sounds to me like your Grandmother was someone who would never have supported this kind of behavior and you should hang onto the message she imparted to you. She may still well have been right you know. In the end this may work out in favor of the innocent (as it should) but to get to that point we’re going to have to fight for it.


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