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The man who led last week’s aboriginal blockades of Highway 2 and the CN rail line says he’ll turn himself in to authorities tomorrow and is frustrated that police approached him earlier than that.On Friday, Shawn Brant and a group of Mohawks organized the blockades in defiance of many native leaders’ admonitions. That same morning, the OPP issued an arrest warrant for him on a charge of mischief and breach of prior bail conditions.

During the weekend, Brant’s lawyer, Peter Rosenthal, entered negotiations with the Napanee detachment of the OPP for Brant’s surrender. Rosenthal has represented Brant in the past and will be his lawyer in the coming proceedings.

Brant said that despite his promise to appear for a bail hearing tomorrow, local OPP officers tried to arrest him yesterday morning. “The OPP had blocked the road and, I believe, were attempting to try and do an intervention,” he said, adding that he maintained a full force of men.“They were telling me that I should get in the car and go with them and there was a warrant for me,” Brant said.

“I told them that that was not the arrangement and I thought they should wait.”

He said the officers abandoned their attempt, but that he was left frustrated with the situation.

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Canadian National says it is examining its legal options after a local aboriginal protest prompted it to halt traffic last week.The company is “reviewing our legal options and determining what’s available to us,” said spokesman Frank Binder of the rail line blockade on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory during Friday’s national aboriginal day of action. The threat of a blockade stopped an estimated $103 million worth of freight and about 5,000 passenger trips.

“There have been attempts to find Mr. Brant and execute the warrant,” she said. Tyendinaga Mohawk police officers “have been looking for him.” (Edit: YEAH RIGHT! The media can find him anytime they want to, and he lives in a school bus in the illegally occupied quarry in Deseronto but they can’t find him?)

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DESERONTO, Ont. (CP) – Mohawk demonstrator Shawn Brant says there will be someone to fill his shoes if he ends up in jail after turning himself in to police later this week.

Brant, who led blockades of roads and a railway in eastern Ontario during last week’s aboriginal day of action, declined Tuesday to name the man who will help lead the group of Mohawk protesters. Brant said he plans to turn himself over to Ontario Provincial Police in Napanee, Ont., on Thursday morning and then attend a bail hearing that afternoon. But it’s unlikely he’ll get out on bail.

Brant, who has previously done jail time for his militant protests, had already been out on bail on previous charges in connection with a 30-hour blockade of the CN rail line near Deseronto, Ont., on April 20.

A warrant has also been issued for Brant’s arrest on a charge of mischief, which carries a range of sentence from two to 10 years under the Criminal Code. Brant agreed to surrender to police last week.

“In our community, people are as proud and as happy as I’ve ever seen them in my life,” he said. Last Friday’s protest, which shut down Canada’s busiest highway for 11 hours and closed rail lines near Deseronto, was a “tremendous success,” he added.

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Council passed a motion Monday to explore possible options for policing in Haldimand County, but what about the RCMP? Forget the OPP and Hamilton police. We want Mounties and horses and fancy hats here in Haldimand. For months we’ve been reading articles in which the mayor has been quoted as saying the RCMP would be an option for Haldimand. However Monday’s motion approved by county council said nothing of the sort.

As many people already realize, the whole police review process thus far (which hasn’t been much of a process) has been driven by politics and posturing since the last municipal election. Not only by the mayor, but councilors as well. Some of these councilors now seem poised to start playing the vote game too, perhaps only while such a public relations effort isn’t impacting rational decision making. But you wonder when someone is finally going to pipe up and call the whole process what it really is – a colossal waste of time and a soapbox for politicians who choose to use it as one. Unfortunately, no such bravery has been witnessed around the council table.

In last week’s report presented to council, one of the options suggested the county could develop its own municipal force – something that along with the RCMP wasn’t incorporated into Monday’s motion. Wonder why? The unanimous vote to move forward with the ‘inquiry’ was misleading, because some councilors aren’t interested in letting this thing continue past the point of a token glance – a glance that could be quickly turned back when no new options come forward later this year.

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In a show of solidarity with other aboriginal protesters across Canada yesterday, Mohawks shut one of Montreal’s busiest bridges for 80 minutes at lunchtime and slowed morning rush-hour traffic to a crawl on highways through the Kahnawake reserve.

“It’s our experience with the government of Canada that you have to hit them over the head with a two-by-four to get their attention,” Joe Deom, a traditional longhouse elder, said after walking up the deserted Mercier Bridge with 150 other flag-waving protesters at noon hour.

“This is not the end – this is only the beginning.” The Mohawks’ day of protest began early, as rush-hour commuters could see a dozen purple and white flags of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy and red and yellow flags of the Warrior Society flying from the eastern girders of the Mercier.

“And as you can see, we’re getting their attention,” Deom told reporters.

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During this past weekend, the OPP Launched their new Hi-Tech BoatVan to ensure they could patrol the Grand River without people seeing them. Unlike the old boats, which are quite easy to see at a distance the new Hi-Tech BoatVan will be completely unseen.

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While we spend millions of dollars having our military clean up the bloody nose the U.S.A. created in Afghanistan, citizens of Ontario are subject to what appears to be home grown terrorism by the self-declared Mohawk State.

Phil Fontaine, in appearance an articulate, thoughtful representative of the native cause, shows us in video the deplorable conditions on some of the native reserves. This is effective. Nothing gets Canadians to dig into their pockets more than guilt, pity and the sense of concern and decency.Shutting down major economic and transportation routes is economic terrorism. Most people are sympathetic to the cause but these actions have and will continue to damage the good work done by men like Mr. Fontaine.

Instead of spending money to clean up Afghanistan and help its government gain control of that country, our army should be at home helping the inept Harper government gain control here. If some citizens of Havelock decided to blockade Highway 7 because of an unfair provincial or federal policy, the OPP riot squad would be called out, the citizens would be gassed, pepper sprayed and bludgeoned into submission, arrested and ultimately prosecuted. Where does this relate to fairness for one and all?

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