Mohawk protester Brant says someone will fill his shoes if he ends up in jail

Posted: July 4, 2007 in Deseronto, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, June 29th 2007, Natives, Shawn Brant, Terrorism

DESERONTO, Ont. (CP) – Mohawk demonstrator Shawn Brant says there will be someone to fill his shoes if he ends up in jail after turning himself in to police later this week.

Brant, who led blockades of roads and a railway in eastern Ontario during last week’s aboriginal day of action, declined Tuesday to name the man who will help lead the group of Mohawk protesters. Brant said he plans to turn himself over to Ontario Provincial Police in Napanee, Ont., on Thursday morning and then attend a bail hearing that afternoon. But it’s unlikely he’ll get out on bail.

Brant, who has previously done jail time for his militant protests, had already been out on bail on previous charges in connection with a 30-hour blockade of the CN rail line near Deseronto, Ont., on April 20.

A warrant has also been issued for Brant’s arrest on a charge of mischief, which carries a range of sentence from two to 10 years under the Criminal Code. Brant agreed to surrender to police last week.

“In our community, people are as proud and as happy as I’ve ever seen them in my life,” he said. Last Friday’s protest, which shut down Canada’s busiest highway for 11 hours and closed rail lines near Deseronto, was a “tremendous success,” he added.

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  1. Annie says:

    Here’s a thought, how about NOT giving Shawn Brant any attention. Really the only reason he waited til thursday was so that the media and supporters could all be in Napanee when he turned himself in. Enough, already, how about just ignoring the guy, he is a total media ego maniac

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