Day of Action – Dunnville rocks, OPP Two Tier Justice lives

Posted: July 5, 2007 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Dunville, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, June 29th 2007, OPP

By Mark Vandermaas –

Gary McHale asked me to join Haldimand resident Donna Pitcher on the bridge in Dunnville to cover her one-woman protest/plea that the OPP keep the bridge open should native protesters decide to block it as part of their National Day of Action. My job was to gather photo/video evidence of any native actions, and to gather evidence to be used against the OPP should they refuse to enforce the law, or decide to violate the rights of non-native protesters. 

The natives stayed away, but the same can’t be said for the ham-fisted OPP. If it weren’t for them and their silly police state tactics the only story I’d be telling today would be about the awesome people of Dunnville(!) and the sunburn I got while admiring the scenery and wildlife from the middle of their bridge over the Grand River. Fortunately for us, the OPP – once again – just couldn’t resist harassing non-native, law-abiding, peaceful people as if we were the ones threatening Canada’s infrastructure.

The OPP drove by once and stopped to ask when Donna was leaving the bridge. Later, a couple of officers on foot came by for a couple of minutes and then left. At 1:30 they returned just as a small group of about 7 people were standing with us. They informed us that they had been “ordered to request that we leave the bridge.”

Read the full story here Much more at

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