The Regional

To gain some credibility back, Canada needs to either 1, start upholding the laws of the country or 2, start solving native issues with real, constructive solutions. Preferably both.

Take effect for what you will, but when all was said and done last weekend, two things were evident.

First, natives want Canadians to realize their plight and the only way they feel they can do it is by restricting freedoms. They want Canadians to react to their needs such as poverty, poor drinking water and land claims. And help them. But many aboriginals don’t want to abide by Canadian laws.

By the same token, most Canadians want to be free, wherever they go within our great nation. They don’t want to be blocked in, threatened, tormented, or taken advantage of for things they didn’t do, and have no power to help make better.

Read the full story here

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