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UPDATE July 15 2007: Friday the 13th was a great success as usual for Dover and there are no accounts of any Mohawks trying to disrupt the festivities.  

Enough people have been asking me and coming here via searches related to Port Dover and Friday the 13th that I think it’s time to update what we know right now officially.

I’ve spent enough time in the town to know that the gossip mill is running wild with rumors of a Terrorist blockade of the 13th. All over Norfolk County people are talking about it and want to know the facts, but the truth is that at this point we don’t yet have any facts to substantiate a claim that they will blockade Port Dover.

If any official news or credible information comes our way, Caledonia Wakeup Call will report on it as we near the date.

It’s easy to panic and decide to steer clear of the town in case something should happen but it’s very important to keep a level head about this and think of the logistics. There were rumors strong enough to make front page news of the Simcoe Reformer that Natives may try to blockade the Marina on June 29th and it did not happen. The statistics are that an average of 100,000 people descend on Port Dover for Friday the 13th and guesstimates are putting that number as high as 250,000 for this one because it’s in July.

If you have plans to travel to Dover for the 13th to celebrate, don’t cancel them. Expect the usual delays getting into town with that kind of traffic flowing but it’s logistically unlikely that a group of Native Thugs are going to honestly believe they can prevent up to a quarter of a million people from entering the town by standing on a road and claiming they own it for a day.

Stay tuned throughout the week as we will update you with any breaking news, and should anything actually happen, Caledonia Wakeup Call will provide extensive coverage.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call