Haldimand County has finally decided to take a stand on the terrorist occupation which has had them in it’s grip since February 2006.

Unfortunately they have chosen to stand beside the terrorists, the corrupt McGuinty government who worked very hard to ensure the death of law and order in Haldimand by purchasing the land in question at our expense to take jurisdiction over it out of the hands of the courts, and the Feds, and the OPP who have long abandoned the concept of being police officers and now stand as bodyguards for the thugs who occupy DCE.

It is the assertion of Haldimand Council today that none of those responsible for the situation they now find themselves in are to blame for it. Somehow it all falls on Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The answer according to todays press release is to appease the Terrorists by putting pressure on the Federal Government to expedite land claims specifically in Haldimand County. Let’s throw on some of those special glasses that Council must be wearing and look at what today’s press release says.

Nevermind that Ottawa ruled the DCE claim to be invalid in 2006, or that they lost all authority over the land when McGuinty purchased it so that he could have the court order to remove the squatters neutralized. There is no blame to be found for the OPP officers who stood by while senior citizens, & a camera crew from CHTV were attacked, and watched the attempted murder of one of their own officers by Native Terrorists while refusing to intervene.

Don’t even consider that they watched while the hydro station was destroyed and made zero arrests because they won’t touch a Native, and whatever you do don’t consider that the OPP stood and watched as an armed thug scream death threats at a woman holding a baby in the vicinity of an elementary school, who then proceeded to a smoke shop outside of town and blew a hole through someone’s arm with an AK-47.

It’s no problem that OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino sent an email to Haldimand Council threatening them if they did not obey his commands and abide by a secret “understanding” about Gary McHale and the rest of us who actually do care what happens to the town. We all need to just ignore the fact that to this day the children who live on 6th line Road have NO policing and are unable to ever feel safe in their own homes.

According to Council today, none of those people are in any way to blame for their actions. It all happened because the Federal Government needs to take fast action to settle land claims in Haldimand. It’s wrong of Harper to not negotiate DCE simply because the claim is false and has no merit. The solution is to assign the Federal Minister of Immigration Diane Finley to oversee the expedition of land claims in Haldimand.

Try as I might, I can not see one shred of common sense in what Council has done today. It is my humble opinion that one of two things has to have taken place here for them to be spewing this nonsense around. #1 Stockholm Syndrome. They now sympathize with those who have held them hostage and those who have made a concerted effort to help the Terrorists keep this ridiculous occupation going. #2 They have given into the threats of McGuinty and Fantino and are spineless cowards who are taking this position out of nothing more than appeasement.

This is at very best a huge step backward from solving the problem in Haldimand, and everyone who dared to put their name to this should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Wanting to live in peace and harmony with your neighbors is great, but this can not be accomplished by allowing them to hold a gun to your head.

 Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. Elizabeth Hutchison says:

    Let’s all reward the Mayor and the Council by issuing them Mad Hatter Hats! Do you think they come in XX large?

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    I was thinking dunce cap, but that will work too.

  3. Donna Pitcher says:

    Jeff for the life of me I can’t even get a grip on this one! Our Council in Haldimand County is about 17 months LATE!

    I am trying to write an article for my blog, and I have so much to say that you would need two pots of coffee just to get through it!

    It would be interesting Jeff to find out who on Haldimand’s Council are card holding “Liberals”.

    “Too Little” “Too Late”.

  4. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Hi Donna,

    It’s not just late, it’s taking a position that is too bizzare to possibly be legitimate.

    It will be very interesting to find out the truth behind this one. We’ve been digging through and exposing coverups for a year now, but this one certainly came out of nowhere.

    I’ll fire up the coffee pot and look foward to your article.

  5. Bill says:

    If you reelect this dystopian imbecile you truly deserve to become the most depressed area in southern Ontario.

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