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After learning of the recent recommendation by Haldimand Council on how to settle land claims, a resident of Caledonia decided to write to Diane Finley with her thoughts on the situation as is the right of every constituent.

A suprising response was received not from Diane Finley, but from Haldimand CAO Bill Pearce who was insturmental in forcing the hand of Mayor Trainer to recently read a statement which ignores completely the responsibility of the Liberal Government and the OPP in Haldimand, and lays everything at the feet of Stephen Harper.

The resident had sent a copy of her email to Ms. Finley to Haldimand officials as the topic of land claims in Haldimand certainly involves them. A very nice courtesy in a society where many are content to talk about people behind their back. Here is the email she received this morning from Mr. Pearce:

Sent: July 11, 2007 8:29 AM
To: (Caledonia Resident)
Subject: RE: Diane Finley

Ms. (Caledonia Citizen):  Could you please remove me from your e-mail list since I have absolutely no interest in hearing of your views on First Nations related issues in Haldimand County.

Bill Pearce
Corporation of Haldimand County