Kahnawake Warrior Society communique (following Terrorist attack)

Posted: July 15, 2007 in Archives, Caledonia, DCE, Jeff's Blogs, Land claims, Native Racist Hatred, Natives, OPP, Propaganda, Terrorism

Originally posted April 20th, 2006.

Edit: This is the propaganda that was being spread around by the Terrorists who had  unleashed HELL on Caledonia and surrounding area this same day and seized DCE after the OPP made their one and only attempt to enforce the law by carrying out the court order and removing illegal squatters from DCE at dawn. At the time no mainstream media had the fortitude to report the truth, but it can be revisited now with the appropriate changes made 

Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake – (Onerahtóhkha/April 20, 2006)

With talks abruptly ending in this manner, it became apparent that the Government of Canada was not interested in seeking a peaceful resolve to this issue and have elected a violent imposition of their will. (Enforcement of the law during an illegal occupation)

At approximately 4:30am, the Ontario Provincial Police launched a violent attack upon occupants of the repossessed Haudenosaunee territory at Caledonia.  enforced a court order to remove some Illegal squatters from private property  The occupants there were unarmed and peaceful. The same “peaceful” people who had stated they were willing to die to protect the land from it’s owners  Upon learning of this violent attack,  Arrest  the Rotisken’rakéhte of Kahnawake mobilized to discuss security measures to prevent any further violence in Caledonia and Grand River.

It was resolved that the Rotisken’rakéhte at Kahnawake shall establish defensive vigils at each entry point within our territory in support of our brothers and sisters at Caledonia.  We wish to make clear that this is strictly a defensive measure to ensure that no further violence is initiated by the Governments of Canada and Ontario upon our people.

They shall prevent violence by attacking the innocent, erecting illegal barricades, throwing a van over an overpass, setting a massive fire in the middle of a highway, barricading the CN rail line, burning down a bridge, assaulting OPP officers.. All in the name of peace of course

The Rotisken’rakéhte at Kahnawake urge the Governments of Canada and Ontario to stop any further plans to invade our territories. Furthermore, we insist on the Government of Canada to return to talks with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council to resolve this issue in a peaceful manner.

We demand that the Government of Canada whom we choose not to recognize unless it suits our purposes return to negotiations under the threat of continued Terrorism to settle a land claim that has no validity

Read the original release here 

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