Six Nations: Good minds calm frayed tempers

Posted: July 24, 2007 in Archives, Caledonia, DCE, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Land claims, Native Racist Hatred, Natives, Propaganda, Terrorism

Here’s some more of the propaganda posted last year by Terrorists. In this installment they pat themselves on the back for a well carried out attack on an innocent town and remind us how violent they can be if subjected to the laws of the Country in which we all live. I will of course provide commentary where needed. What is in bold and bracketed has been added by me and was not part of the original release.

Indian Country Today
April 27, 2006

The heated confrontation at Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, Canada, widened and deepened in the past week while at the same time showing sign of progress toward resolution. (By Six Ntions Reserve they mean Douglas Creek Estates which is in fact NOT part of the Six Nations Reserve and is being illegally occupied by thugs) The deeply rooted Native sentiment on the land and against any type of physical aggression against their own people has stiffened the resolve of Six Nations clan mothers, chiefs and warriors after a bungling assault by police forces fanciful that they could arrest the ”trouble-makers” and lay low the protesters’ encampment. (Enforce the law as is their job)

It was not to be, and within half a day Canada was reminded that the peoples of the old Haudenosaunee Confederacy unite under stress and self-defend in ways most ingenious, straightforward and stark. (Such as digging up public highways, illegally baricading said public highway, assaulting citizens, assaulting police officers, attempting to murder a police officer..  ingenious? sounds criminal to me) By day’s end, roads around the encampment site were blockaded, bridges were temporarily shut down (I guess this person forgot to mention the bridge they burned to the ground. Is that one temporarily out of service too?) and across southern Ontario rail lines were immediately threatened so that important train runs between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal were suspended.

Canadian authorities know, but still do forget, that when they deal with Six Nations people – particularly if the populous Mohawks are engaged – police assaults can trigger an intense, decentralized response among warrior societies. (Terrorist Attack is the term) Just the protest at the railroad lines by Tyendinega Mohawks 350 kilometers (217.4 miles) away ”delayed service for thousands of passengers yesterday, and shipment of goods worth tens of millions of dollars,” according to the Toronto Star newspaper. The railways protest ended April 22 after only a day’s paralysis; but as this edition goes to press, the Kahnawake Mohawk warrior society is holding the Mercier Bridge in Montreal at bay, while Akwesasne residents leaflet motorists on the international bridge at Cornwall. (littering is a crime) Both of these bridges have been shut down by Mohawks before.

The warrior response is not always pretty or romantic. Often it bubbles with anger nearly impossible to contain. But it is a real and organic action/reaction based on a long historical memory. (it’s crime being commited by out of control overgrown, weaponized cry babies who can’t take no for an answer) While one local paper described them as ”the so-called clan mothers,” the circle of elder women who hold wampum and select chiefs and other officials for Six Nations longhouses can still cause great movement among their peoples.

The original story can be found here

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