Archive for July 30, 2007

As part of a last ditch effort to find something he can say he did during his reign as Premier, Dalton McGuinty is once again promising to close coal fired hydro plants including Canada’s largest in Nanticoke. This was one of his many promises during the 2003 election campaign.

Once in office, Dalton ignored his promises to the people in order to focus on the things that really matter to him such as creating new taxes, banning a breed of dog, trying to get junk food out of elementary schools, making the problems in Caledonia much worse, spending Millions on a pre determined Ipperwash Inquiry to justify his critisism of former Premier Mike Harris, and most importantly creating new taxes.

During the election, the closing of coal fired plants sounded like a good way to get the vote of environmentalists no doubt but it proved to be very poorly researched and extremely impractical. At the Nanticoke plant alone, there would be 600 jobs lost, and the price of our hydro would skyrocket due to low supply and high demand, so the plan was scrapped.