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August 31, 2007 

Yesterday provided some interesting insight into the logic used in the application of 2 tiered justice in Ontario. There is none.

3 protestors from Greenpeace were arrested yesterday for using civil disobedience to spread their message about coal fired hydro stations, and although their methods were over the line and they did deserve to be arrested, at the same time Terrorist Shawn Brant was freed on bail pending trial on 9 criminal charges.

The same Shawn Brant who voiced his intentions loudly and proudly this summer to target the infrastructure of Canada and the economy as a means to further his political agenda. “ I don’t give a rats ass if I create victims “ and “ Only when every home has suffered as we have suffered will I stop “ are among his many quotes.

Greenpeace delayed the delivery of a shipment of coal to the Nanticoke plant for part of a day, Shawn Brant shut down Canada’s largest railroad and highway, and made it clear he intended to do it again as many times as it takes for him to feel satisfied.


The racist political policing (or extreme lack of) known as 2 Tiered Justice was first referred to regarding Caledonia & DCE, but it is far from contained to one small town.

When Native Criminals took over the building site of what was to be a retirement home in Hagersville, the OPP not only stood and watched but assisted them in erecting a barricade to keep the legal owner of the property off of his land.

On June 29, 2007 the OPP closed the busiest highway in the Country the 401 because a small group of Native thugs said they might do it. No attempt was made to stop any of the blockades led by Terrorist Shawn Brant. Instead the Police we pay to protect us assisted him by blockading the road themselves.

When they laid a claim to the future site of a Wal-Mart in Dunville, nothing was done to stop them and the latest rumors are that Wal-Mart is canceling the building because of it.

When the Criminals showed up at a housing development in Brantford and demanded the construction of 200 new homes come to a halt, the OPP did nothing and the developer stopped.


Here We Go Again 

 By Christine McHale
August 28, 2007


Another one bites the dust!

Yes folks, it’s happened again. This time in Brantford, go figure!

A developer in Brantford was contacted by Six Nations last Thursday and told he had to stop all development of a housing sub-division because the land he bought wasn’t his. It belongs to Six Nations. Sound familiar?

The developer of Mayberry Homes, Mike Quattrociocchi, says he did everything right, everything he was supposed to do. He bought the land, got the land title, got the building permits, then made the fatal mistake of thinking all was good for go and he was in the clear. Never mind the fact that by that time, even before any ground was broken, before any basement was poured, before he did anything else, he would have spent millions already.

Now, after being told to stop all development, he is frustrated. Now that’s an understatement.

And, as if that weren’t enough, last Friday, six natives paid him a visit and told him that if he didn’t stop all development they would get twenty to thirty more natives to come and occupy land he had legally purchased, and legally had received all necessary land title, deed, and building permits for. Lock, stock and barrel!

So who runs this province anyways? Not the spineless McGuinty government, a government that would fail to recognize leadership if it bit them in the you-know-what!

The police perhaps? Nope!

So far, not one single developer, not one single police force, not one single McGuinty government MPP has stood up for justice.

To be sure, the developers, and they are a growing number, have made noise, but to no avail. Development has been stopped in Caledonia, Dunnville, Hagersville, to name a few, and now in Brantford, again.

Spineless, leadership clueless governments have enabled radical natives to thwart development and progress. Any why not? They’ve been given the green light by the government to go ahead, bring economic terrorism to town after town. They’ve been told to go ahead, claim land parcel after land parcel, rightly or wrongly so, and you just never know, you may walk away with oodles and oodles of land and cash to boot.

One glimmer of hope though. October 10 is coming up fast. Why not dump the clueless, leadership challenged McGuinty Liberals. After all, you can’t get any worse form of government that one which doesn’t govern.

Originally published January 7, 2007. Republished August 27, 2007 as evidence of the Native Supremacy Movement in Ontario.

It is truly amazing just how much the Native protesters and the KKK have in common. It appears the protesters and the KKK not only look alike, act much in the same way, but they share the same philosophical world view.

Natives & KKK look the same:

Both have masks and wear something to cover their head while using Flags to make it look like they are being patriotic. It is not that they hate others – they claim – but they love their country, their culture, their nation.

Both love Freedom of Expression but not for others:

It is truly amazing that the Native Protesters claim their Right to Free Expression but condemn anyone who disagrees with them. When one considers that the Grand River Six Nations is the largest reserve in Canada you think you would find a certain amount of diverse views.

We all see that within Caledonia there have been serveral groups trying to get their message out to the media – Caledonia Citizens Alliance, Caledonia Resistance, Citizens of Caledonia and more. In any democratic society you always find groups who have opposing views who are trying to get their message out to the media. We see that we have both Liberal and Conservative media outlets within our communities. On almost any issue you will find media that support it while others oppose it. This is what true democracy produces, a firm belief in Freedom of Expression

On April 29th the Toronto Sun printed a letter from a Native person who voiced his view that the protesters were wrong. [Link] I posted this story last week on the reclamation site and the immediate response from Native people was to call this Native person an ‘Apple’ – a phrase by the way I had not heard until I went to Caledonia in July.

‘Apple’ is a racial slur by Native people claiming he is “white on the inside but red on the outside“. So the immediate response by Native people to this person’s free expression was to attack him with racial slurs.

Burning Crosses or Tires the message is the same:

The purpose of burning crosses is to send a message that can clearly be seen by all that the KKK is present, that they are active, that they are willing to do things in public to intimidate. The Clan would often burn crosses at night to ensure the maxinim visual effect.

I don’t think the Native protesters were burning tires for warmth or because they wanted to collect the hazardous run off.

What could produce a greater visual effect but dark black smoke that could be seen for miles. The open burning of tires, in full view of OPP, was sending the same message as the Clan did – we are here, we are active and we are willing to do things in public.

When Burning Crosses doesn’t work you burn other things:

Both the KKK and the Native protesters don’t limit themselves to just symbolic burnings (crosses or tires). The violent nature of both groups can be clearly seen in their actions.

The photos here are the burning down of a bridge, a barn and the power station but the Natives have used fire as their means to send a message to the OPP, the Government and residents many times.

Vehicles have been destroyed, numerous grass fires have been set as well as fires by Hydro towers, and large bon fires have occurred.


Originally published January 1, 2007. Republished as further evidence of the Native Supremacy Movement in Ontario August 27, 2007

So far to date I have avoided talking about Religion and how it plays a role in Caledonia and in spreading of hate within the Native Community.

Allow me first to state my own personal beliefs, which I have avoided to do because many groups are quick to use the racist card to make themselves look like victims.

I am not spending any time on Muslim Extremists since the topic has been well covered since 911, other than to say that no group should be judged by the actions of the Extremists who have hijacked the religion to further their cause.

It is easy for people to identify Christian Extremists (KKK) and Muslim Extremists (Bin Laden) but for many there is no such thing as Native Extremists. Since no one group is perfect and human nature itself is such that there will be some in every group who hate, then logic forces us to accept that there would be Extremists within Native groups.

The fact that Native people cannot see that there are Native Extremists only points to how serious the issue is. Go back 100 years and ask the people of the deep south in the US whether the KKK was a Christian Extremist group or not. I am sure the vast majority would have said no. When Extremists control the culture then the situation is completely out of control.

This is the way it is within the Native community today. The few who have their own hatred, their own political agenda, their own power struggles have hijacked Native Spiritual beliefs to justify spreading violence and hatred.

I was raised a complete Atheist and became a Christian in my early twenties. I am not a Christian because my parents were but because I chose to be one. As such my beliefs are part of who Gary McHale is and in no way should be understood that somehow I am perfect (clearly I have character flaws) or better than anyone else.

I will admit that I have zero understanding of Native spiritual beliefs and next to zero about Muslim beliefs. However, I believe my own understanding of Christianity and human nature permits me to cover the topic at hand.

Every group has it’s own Extremists – whether these groups are based on Race, Religion, etc., human nature appears to be that there always will be some who see themselves as supreme which then is taken to the extreme.

What do I mean by Extremists

Being devoted to one’s beliefs is not being Extremist. Non-believers may see you as being extreme because your behavior doesn’t match the cultural norms. For example, there are groups that don’t drink tea or coffee which may appear to be foolish and extreme to some but devotion to one’s beliefs is in fact what all Religions in the world seek to produce.

By my view Extremism by definition hijacks their religious belief system to further their hatred and cause. When this occurs it is easy to paint all people who hold a particular religious view as being the same.

The whole idea of White Supremacy based on Christian teaching is itself an oxymoron. These people don’t start with a strong Christian belief and then turn to hate. At best they have a very weak Christian view but their hatred controls how they see the world and Christian teachings.

The very fact that right at the beginning of the Bible it states God created all men in His image shows just how quickly these people of hate refuse to accept what they claim to believe.

Since I got involved in the events in Caledonia I have heard repeatedly Native protesters talking about the Great Peacemaker and how their protest is peaceful (again devotion to one’s spiritual beliefs is great).

Jesus once said, “you will know them by their fruits” or in modern words, “Actions speak louder than words”. To claim to follow something called “Great Peacemaker” while your group attacks seniors, burns down a bridge, attempts to murder a cop is hypocracy at the highest level.

It is like the KKK hanging a black man just after the preacher quotes Jesus telling people to love their neighbor.

The problem is so pervasive at this moment of history that many Canadians and the Government are not seeing that Native Extremists as just as bad as Muslim Extremists. Everyone reading this would see that if a Muslim group dug up the highway, blocked railway lines, destroyed the power station, attacked residents and attempted to kill a cop the Government would immediately declare them a terrorist cell and arrest everyone one of them. And certainly if a group of peope claiming to be KKK did these actions they would be arrested before the end of the day.

But just like the deep south 100 years ago, our governments & police forces have been influenced by the Native Extremist propaganda of hate and threats of violence.

Read the full story here

Originally published October 6, 2006. Republished as evidence of the Native Supremacy Movement in Ontario August 27, 2007

I have always find it amazing how Native Supporters are crying about racism, and hatred toward them and how this site calls for violence against them. Here is a sample of how they tell about us – you decide who is racism and who is spreading hatred and calling for violence. Sorry for the language it appears to be just the way they talk.

Gayogoho states, “I just recieved word from my source that Gary McHale and Droopy john are planning on raping our children please someone stop them.”

Ryan Paul states, “The website is The entire website is one big hate site, hidden by the abscence of vulgarities and blatant hate. I hope someone one day finds the c@cksucking little cvnt who runs the site and puts a bullet in his head…

There’s two reasons why I take offence to your shit, and think you deserve to be shot. #1, I have two native children. #2, your bullshit gets all non-natives tarred with the same brush, which includes me!…

You really are an asshole and I dearly hope every day someone takes you out. You’re a bigot, a racist, a shit stirrer and a good-for-nothing bastard.”

Cornplanter creates a thread called, “McHale, Druppy..please don’t rape our children…..”

“Gentlemen; Can we have some assurance that you won’t rape Native children when you are around Six Nations?… I don’t think there is any depth that McHale is willing to sink to. “

Tsi Nikayen’ Enonhne’ (Gregg Powless) states, “Now I know where I have met you McFailure. Gary McHale=Satan. You once tried to make a deal with me but I refused your offer. Then you threatened me with your mob of devil-worshippers by saying you would mount an offensive march against my family.Ah but Satan has no allies. He is alone in pergatory. Gary “Satan” McHale really is harmless. HE MUST get others to do his bidding because he is incapable of leaving hell or spreading evil without our consent!

Go demon and fornicate with your mother! That might be the one thing that makes her proud of you.”

Read the full story here

Originally published August 16, 2006. Republished August 27th, 2007 as evidence of the Native Supremacy Movement in Ontario.

As a Canadian we don’t normally have to read such vulgar hate speech expressed against other Canadians. Certainly we support the rights of all Canadians and the whole reason this site was created was to ensure that all people are equal under the Law.

We do not agree that Natives have the right to discriminate against others nor do they have the right to spread hatred.

The fact remains however, that many Natives are against Asians, Blacks, Mexicans, Jews and Europeans and are demanding that they leave Canada – ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’ is their expression.

Our Governments have been wilfully lying to us over the years about the nature of many Native people. Even in Caledonia the Government is creating an Educational Program as part of the land claim – I don’t know what education has to do with a land claim that you already have decided is invalid. According to Hazel Hill this educational program is to address the racism of non-native people.

Once again the Ontario Government will go around telling everyone the Natives are right and we are racist.

Well, we say B.S. to that. We are not the ones calling for all Asians, all Blacks, all Jews etc. to get out of Canada. We are not the ones saying Canada isn’t a Country and that Canada has no authority to create a Constitution or Criminal Code.

How about an educational program teaching Natives that they are subject to our laws – something they don’t believe? How about educating Natives that other people have Rights, that other People are Human, that other People should not be assaulted and intimidated.

How dare Natives call upon Asians to get out of Canada. How dare Natives call Blacks white and tell them to get out of Canada.

We have seen the Natives in Caledonia fly Palestinian flags and march in Toronto in support of the terrorist group Hezbollah. [link][link]

Read the full story here

Native journalist Kahentinetha Horn, a reporter for Mohawk Nation News:

Last year, she publicly defended the pro-Holocaust remarks of David Ahenakew, the former Assembly of First Nations national chief. Ahenakew told a reporter that Jews were a “disease” and that Hitler was right to have “fried six million of those guys,” Horn wrote in the MNN that Ahenakew was referring only to Jewish “financial and media barons” and argued that Hitler deserved admiration because he “made sure the people had employment and good health.”

Because of the atrocities that happened during Worrld War II, people have forgotten that Hitler was a 20th Century pioneer of the social welfare state. He instituted decent living conditions for the common German people. They had been suffering terribly because of oppressive reparations they were required to pay following the defeat of their monarchs during World War I. Hitler reorganized the German state. He made sure the people had employment and good health. But his social engineering project went too far. He tried to get rid of not only the Jews, but also Gypsies and the mentally and physically handicapped.” Kahentinetha Horn, MNN Mohawk Nation News

Read the full story here

By Gary McHale –

August 26 2007

In 1981 we moved to Toronto – Steels and Warden Ave. to be more exact. We moved into an apartment and lived on the 20th floor. Although it was part of Scarborough, it looked like we were in the country since you had to drive on dirt roads to get to our building. 

 We lived there for 14 years and 200,000 people moved into the area.During the 1980s was the time when Canada opened the doors to people from Hong Kong with over 500,000 moving to Canada in a few short years.

We witnessed the malls change from English to Asian and one by one businesses started to have Asian only signs. Home after home was built and purchased by Asian people and slowly even the churches started to have Asian only services. To us this wasn’t a problem.

My wife donated time teaching English as a Second Language to Asian people but many whites and blacks had a hard time. Suddenly their neighborhood had a new culture, customs and language.

Throughout history racism starts when such changes occur in communities when those who hold to their culture and customs are forced to allow others to live side by side with them.

Just how many white communities over the years hated it when the first black family moved in. To them their white culture, traditions and customs were suddenly under attack. For these whites their whole way of life had to be defended.

Janie Jamieson’s statements in Toronto Life demonstrates Racism 

Imagine my surprise to read that Janie Jamieson, Native Spokesperson for DCE occupation, used the very words that whites used when Blacks move in to their neighborhoods. When the Asians first moved into Scarborough they were met with the same racist statements and attitude that Jamieson admits to in the Toronto Life story. The following is the quote from Toronto Life Aug 2007: 

For Jamieson, the story raised a red flag. The plan projected 7,000 new residents in Haldimand County alone over the next 20 years. “That really frightened me,” she recalls. “All these strangers moving right onto our doorstep, and we had no say in it.” 

This is like reading white supremacy material that shows a fear that Blacks are moving in and the whites have no say. Whites fear their culture and traditions would start to change. Their children would slowly mix and white culture would be lost.

Jamieson states in the Toronto Life story that “We have such a strong, rich history…” This is true but so does every group. What Jamieson is presenting is that by allowing Italians, Germans, Asians, Africans etc. to move right onto their ‘doorstep’ that she was ‘frightened’.

This truly is the heart of racism.

By Gary McHale – 

August 26, 2007


No one could deny the historical abuses that Blacks faced in the USA and especially in the Southern States. No one could deny that the rise of the KKK added greatly to the hardships faced by Blacks. Clearly the USA was guilty of violating the basic Human Rights of Blacks for several generations. 

Both Dr. King Jr. and Malcolm Little (called Malcolm X) lived in the same time frame and each saw it their duty to fight for the Rights of the Black people.Each saw the historical abuses and the hatred that many Americans had towards the Black people. Each had stories where they witnesses racism and violence against Blacks first hand. 

But each of these men chose a pattern to fight for the Rights and Freedoms that Blacks deserved to have. Freedom from racism and freedom from the violence that came with such racism was a noble cause to fight for. The Right to Equality under the Law and Equality throughout American Society was something that was deserved. 

One chose to be consumed by Hate and would lead Black Rights Groups that would see Hate and Violence as the means against the white man. One chose to be governed by patience, tolerance and he fought for peace, not using violence.


 Who is your Hero? 

We chose Dr. King Jr. Unfortunately, the media printed that because we quoted from Dr. King Jr. and believed it was great to follow his example of non-violent protest, that this was something they could use in order to insult me, saying that I thought I was Martin Luther King Jr.Meanwhile, Red Power Studios and a Delegation of Six Nations Youth saw their hero in the form of Malcolm X. They created a video with images of Malcolm X along with one of his speeches that justified killing people for land. 

To date the media has not bothered to point out that Native Extremists are idiolizing Malcolm X – maybe they’re too busy thinking it is funny that we quote from such a peace loving person like Dr. King Jr.

August 26, 2007

With the discovery of a Native Supremacy movement in Ontario, it’s important to understand what drives people to commit monstrous acts such as the terrorizing and murder of others based purely on their race. For those of us who don’t posses this hatred, it will never be possible to fully grasp it but it’s worth trying to because one thing every hate group in history has had in common is the unwillingness to attempt to understand those they hate and oppress.

Let’s start with a look at some of the various Supremacy groups that have existed over the years starting with the first on record. 

The Ku Klux Klan:

Founded in 1865 by six educated middle class Confederate war veterans under the premise of boredom with the post war routine, the original Ku Klux Klan spread from Tennessee to nearly every other southern State launching a reign of terror on Republican leaders and constitutional speakers in their early days which saw the murders of an Arkansas Congressman, 3 members of the South Carolina Legislature, and at least 3 men who had served in constitutional conventions.


Caledonia Wakeup Call has discovered that there is a Native Supremacy movement under way in Ontario. Some of the material has been proudly flaunted on Six Nations “reclamation” website, and at least one source of a new level of hate has been revealed. “Red Power Studios “has been manufacturing video’s encouraging the use of deadly force by Natives against Canadian citizens.

CSIS is investigating and we hope to have more information soon.

What we know to be true at this time is that these Native Supremacy videos have been circulating the internet for months now via multiple sources including the Six Nations “reclamation” site which is a chat board where people who support or take place in the Douglas Creek Estates occupation and other Native terrorist activities inflate one another’s ego.

The site was specifically set up to support the Douglas Creek Estates occupation in Caledonia and is a constant source of racist hatred toward non Natives or anyone who dares to speak against their terrorist, supremacist actions.


By Gary McHale –

“There are only two ways of dealing with the white man. One, either you pick up a gun, or you stand between the white man and his money.” Chief Terrance Nelson on CTV.

“I don’t give a rat’s ass whether I create victims or not… not until every single home has suffered as we have suffered will I stop.” Shawn Brant, Mohawk Warrior in Deseronto.

We are all well aware that in any community you have racist people. When these people gather together to make extreme public statements against another group of people we all understand that such actions conflict with the peaceful co-existence and multiculturalism that Canadians are so proud of.

When such racism is wrapped up with a superiority rant then a Supremacy Movement is born. We all understand the dangers of White Supremacy Groups and Muslim Extremists, but we need to understand there is a growing movement of Native Supremacy that justifies violent actions against other races.

Our Governments and Police Forces do not have a problem dealing with White Supremacy Groups or Muslim Extremists and we all understand that such groups only represent the views of a very small portion of society.

We noticed on the CSIS web site the following example of a terrorist threat in Canada: “White supremacists have been aggressively opposing the immigration policies of the Canadian government and have used violent rhetoric against the Jewish community.

But how has our Government and the Police handled the Native Supremacy Groups? Well, first they deny they even exist. No amount of extreme ‘violent rhetoric’ against another race has caused CSIS, OPP or any police force to deal with these extremists.

I am unaware of any White Supremacy Group physically destroying a bridge or power station, but we have witnessed it being done by people whose publicly stated view is nothing short of Native Supremacy. The public statements that violate and victimize another race are acceptable and are commonplace in the ‘rhetoric’ of these extremists.

I can assure you that if I created a t-shirt that stated ‘my heroes have always killed Natives’ the police would be at my door charging me with a Hate Crime.

If I stated, “There are only two ways of dealing with the Jews. One, either you pick up a gun, or you stand between the Jew and his money”, you bet there would be Human Rights Complaints filed against me in a heart beat and the police would lay Hate Crime charges against me.

Racism and Hatred are responsible for many of the evils we see around the world. Canadians are trying to build a society where respect and tolerance for others is the way of life. There is no room within a modern society for any group that wants to promote their racist hatred.

We, as a People, must always be willing to denounce such racism in whatever form it takes.

We call upon Governments and Police to use Canada’s Hate Crime Laws and Anti-Terrorism Act to help fight against such racism and hatred. It is time for CSIS and the Police to deal with the creators and promoters of the racist videos below.

The promotion of violence and hatred by any person or group CANNOT be tolerated in Canadian Society.

WARNING: The posted videos contain disturbing images and explicit language. They also contain PROOF of, and encourage extreme violence, killing and terrorism. These videos could be seen as proof for a Native Supremacy Movement in Canada that labels all White people as Evil.

Copies of these Videos have been sent to CSIS and York Regional Police.

Click here to View the Videos

More as it happens at

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Native Protesters and KKK share ideology

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What’s next: Burning Crosses on Residents’ Lawns

Native Racism and Hatred towards Canadians

Asians, Blacks, Europeans, Jews etc., Go Home!

Mohawk Nation News Reporter Admires Hitler

National Post

In the history of cross-border smuggling, the Thousand Islands in general, and this one in particular, have a special place. Scattered through the upper St. Lawrence River, with the republic on the south shore and the dominion on the north, the islands were a smuggler’s dream — the American border is only about 10 kilometres from where I live.

But those days are in the past, no competition for a reality even better than any smuggler’s dream: Indian reserves.

The smuggling action is now to the east of us on the cross-border Akwesasne Mohawk reserve near Cornwall, Ont., where illegal cigarettes from New York state can be brought into Canada without leaving the reserve. And to the west is the Tyendinaga Mohawk reserve near Belleville, which is another sort of customs-free entity, in which tax-free cigarettes, legal for native Canadians, are smuggled out and sold on the black market. As was reported on the front page of yesterday’s Post, it is estimated that nearly one-third of all cigarettes sold in Ontario and Quebec were illicitly tax-free, smuggled off native reserves.

The lawlessness of the Caledonia, Ont., property dispute, now well over a year old, brought to public attention a phenomenon well-known in the illicit cigarette trade–namely, that many native reserves are no-go areas for police and treasury agents.

Perhaps attention is being paid now. At the end of June, when the Ontario Provincial Police obligingly closed the 401 highway in order to facilitate the native “day of action” protests, many residents in these parts were rather taken aback that the police appeared to be on the side of the illegal blockaders. Yet that has been true for a long time in regard to illegal tobacco and the rule of law — the peddlers of contraband have no better friend than police who deliberately look the other way.

Read the full story here

By Mark Vandermaas –

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgIn OPP Two Tier Justice policies victimize native people I outlined evidence to support my belief that the race-based policing policies designed by the OPP to favour native lawbreakers is responsible for victimizing innocent native people in both Ipperwash and Caledonia in addition to their traumatic impact on innocent residents.

Two rapes and “other unseemly acts” on Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia

Since my article appeared, it has come to light that at least two rapes have occurred on the Douglas Creek Estates, rapes made possible by the OPP/McGuinty ‘hands off’ approach that has created a lawless ‘homefree zone’ similar to the one still in existence at the former Army Camp in Ipperwash. 

DCE rapists enabled by OPP “best practices” endorsed by McGuinty Inquiry

The McGuinty Liberal Ipperwash Inquiry report whole-heartedly endorsed the failed, race-based OPP policies in Caledonia as “best practices.”

“The OPP’s ‘Framework for Police Preparedness for Aboriginal Critical Incidents’ is one element of a comprehensive OPP strategy to improve the policing of Aboriginal occupations and protests. It is an operational policy, intended to guide incident commanders and officers before, during, and after such incidents. The OPP has been applying the Framework at Caledonia. I consider the Framework and related programs to be best practices.”

Ipperwash Inquiry, Volume 4, Executive Summary, Policy Analysis, Volume 2 – Executive Summary (Preventing future violence), p87-88

Well, Mr. McGuinty, Mr. Fantino, in addition to traumatizing innocent residents in Caledonia for more than a year, your ‘best practices’ have led to a repeat of the out-of-control violence and lawlessness against native people seen in Ipperwash.



Congratulations gentlemen. Your ‘best practices’ and your Ipperwash cover-up are now enabling rapists. I hope you’re both very proud of yourselves. 

Read the full story here.