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In what is becoming an all too familiar scene in Canada, Natives decided this morning that property in the process of development in Brantford belongs to them and shut down construction.

Work on the 250 homes for which foundations have already been laid and 50 have already been sold ground to a halt as Natives set up under the guise of an “information protest” this morning.

Quote – Osprey Media, Brantford Expositor Online

“A group of about 10 natives with placards and banners gathered at the busy corner of Garden Avenue and the Johnson Side road where city trucks were busy hauling fill material from the area. The protesters are unsure of how long they will stay in the hot, dusty road but city workers agreed to stop the trucks by noon.”



By Christine McHale

August 2, 2007

The recent report by Ontario‘s Auditor General exposed wild spending of grant money by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. The minister in charge was Mike Colle, since being appointed to this ministry in 2005. Now he has resigned in disgrace. At least that was a step in the right direction.
Too bad that this McGuinty Liberal had his priorities all screwed up.


It is also painfully apparent that Mike Colle, one of McGuinty’s Liberals, has his spending priorities all screwed up. He did, after all, approve giving the Ontario Cricket Association $1 Million taxpayers’ dollars. That’s about 30 times more than what the long term care home received for that oh-so-important diagnostic medical equipment. And the funny part is, the Ontario Cricket Association only asked for $150,000. So this means the Ontario Cricket Association was more fiscally prudent than Mike Colle, one of McGuinty’s fine Liberals.


Perhaps cricket, and to be sure, cricket is a fine game, is more useful than health. It certainly is more fun than being poked and prodded by diagnostic medical equipment.


It seems that last weeks attempt to play “cops” by enforcing a curfew against teenagers in Caledonia was not good enough for the Haldimand OPP. In a further effort to convince the public that they in fact still have control in Caledonia, they sent out the following press release today.