Native Criminals Halt Construction in Brantford

Posted: August 3, 2007 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Brantford, Corruption, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Jeff's Blogs, Land claims, Liberals, McGuinty, Natives, Terrorism

In what is becoming an all too familiar scene in Canada, Natives decided this morning that property in the process of development in Brantford belongs to them and shut down construction.

Work on the 250 homes for which foundations have already been laid and 50 have already been sold ground to a halt as Natives set up under the guise of an “information protest” this morning.

Quote – Osprey Media, Brantford Expositor Online

“A group of about 10 natives with placards and banners gathered at the busy corner of Garden Avenue and the Johnson Side road where city trucks were busy hauling fill material from the area. The protesters are unsure of how long they will stay in the hot, dusty road but city workers agreed to stop the trucks by noon.”


With workers having agreed to stop construction, the Natives left. Their message however lingered loudly and clearly when Caledonia Wakeup Call attended the scene later this afternoon. At any time in any place they choose, Native Terrorists can shut down any development at any stage.


The Federal Government will not intervene, the corrupt McGuinty Liberal Government will not intervene but will interfere to appease the Natives and make things worse for residents, and the OPP are unwilling and unable to act as a Police Force when dealing with Native Criminals.

One must wonder however if today’s events were truly about a land claim, or if Natives are simply trying to recapture the spotlight now that the Government and the media have placed land claims on the back burner to deal with important issues like gun control. If so, when and where will they strike next in light of the fact that the only coverage they got today was a very brief article in the Expositor and a blurb from CP?

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call

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