Haldimand Council Fighting Desperately Against Democracy – Your help is needed

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 August 8th, 2007

Each and every resident of Haldimand County who cares about Democracy is needed in Council Chambers this coming Monday night August 13th @ 6pm as Council continues to try to force through a resolution to deny the public the right to privacy in their correspondence with Mayor Marie Trainer. Council was forced today to defer this issue until Monday by a request from the Ministry to investigate whether they are even legally allowed to pass such an absurd resolution and the issue will be spoken to on Monday night at 6pm.

I have just returned from spending 2 days in Cayuga at Haldimand County Council meetings and have witnessed with my own eyes Haldimand Council fighting desperately against democracy and the citizens who elected them.

As those who read the previous post by Mark Vandermaas are aware, Council set forth a resolution that they should each be copied every email and every piece of letter mail coming and going from the office of Mayor Marie Trainer. This is being done out of sheer contempt for the fact that Mayor Trainer refuses to join them in becoming puppets for the McGuinty Liberals. Many residents do not wish to speak to their Council member because they will not receive a response or would prefer to receive an honest one so they go to the only person they know still speaks for and represents them, Mayor Trainer.

This was designed to sneak through quietly by being on the Tuesday morning after a long weekend and buried in the agenda for the day with other business so nobody would notice. Donna Pitcher – Haldimands Unheard Voice made us aware of the situation and I attended yesterday August 7 along with Mark Vandermaas, and some citizens of Haldimand.

The citizens who wished to speak to council regarding the resolution were refused. Only Craig Grice, and Mayor Trainer voted in favor of allowing the public to speak at this public meeting to decide an issue that has a profound impact on the citizens of Haldimand. Councilors Buck Sloat, Lorne Boyko, Tony Dalimonte, and Don Ricker voted that the public should NOT be allowed to speak to council on the issue.

During the lunch hour I was assaulted by Councilor Buck Sloat on the back steps of City Hall. Several minutes into a conversation in which Mr. Sloat belittled a resident of Caledonia, he grabbed hold of me, very aggressively tore a digital recorder from my pocket, and dropped it on the concrete below all the while ranting about how I was committing a crime and how offended he was, and that he did not want to speak to me. After taking the time to go and have lunch and think the situation over (it was a surprise to say the least) I decided to do the only appropriate thing which was to attend the Cayuga OPP station and file a complaint against him as assault is a criminal offence and he is an elected official who was on duty at the time and at City Hall. The OPP are investigating and I will comment further when the time is right.

I returned to Council Chambers just in time to hear Council deferring this matter to today August 8 2007. I attended this afternoon along with a group of residents only to learn that they have deferred this issue yet again until Monday August 13th at 6pm based on a letter from the County Lawyer advising them to do so until he gets background information looking into the legality of this issue.

Knowing that the public does not want this resolution to pass, and now knowing that it may even be illegal, they still chose not to simply let it go. They could have very easily voted down the resolution today and put an end to this nonsense but every member of Council except for Mayor Trainer voted to defer this to Monday night so they can continue their attempt to railroad Democracy. It was fascinating to watch this unethical process in action and very interesting to see the look of arrogant disgust on the face of Buck Sloat as I arrived at the meeting today. King Sloat was clearly not pleased to see me.

If you are a resident of Haldimand County be it Caledonia, Cayuga, Dunville, Jarvis, or at the end of a long winding country road, you need to join us on Monday August 13th at 6pm as Caledonia Wakeup Call, Voice of Canada, and the residents of Haldimand County pack that Council Chamber and let them know that your voices matter despite what they may choose to believe.

In the meantime, contact your elected Council member and let them know how you feel about their determination to violate your right to private conversation with your Mayor!

Leroy Bartlett 905 961 4834, lbartlett@haldimandcounty.on.ca
Lorne Boyko 905 774 6309, lboyko@haldimandcounty.on.ca
Tony Dalimonte 905 768 1260, tdalimonte@haldimandcounty.on.ca
Craig Grice 905 961 1264, cgrice@haldimandcounty.on.ca
Don Ricker 905 774 4661, dricker@haldimandcounty.on.ca
Buck Sloat 905 961 3270, bsloat@haldimandcounty.on.ca
Mayor Trainer 905 318 5932, Ext 201, mayor@haldimandcounty.on.ca

Congratulations to the residents who have made it out the last 2 days to make their voices heard and I look forward to seeing you again on Monday evening.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call


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