Native Protesters Occupy Stirling Development in Caledonia

Aug 10, 2007

Early today, about 5:30 am, Native Protesters arrived at the Stirling Development in Caledonia. They quickly put up their flags and signs.


More photos are available here

Reports thus far indicate 20-30 Natives showed up with their signs (KKKanada and the usual propaganda about how Canada is Genocidal against them) and have vacated the site already. The developer gave in to their threats and is reported to be moving his heavy equipment off of the site today.

The appeasement of Native Criminals continues and the pattern has been clearly set. They show up long enough to scare away the developer and then leave because they know they can’t get away with another DCE.

Stay tuned to for the latest as it happens.

  1. jim Smith says:

    I was there later Nothing but I seen natives drive by?? What happen to cause them to allow this?? Confused!!

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    As I understand it Jim, the Natives packed up and left once their demands were met by the developer (as nobody has the guts to say no to these criminals) and what happened to cause all of this is our government lost its spine and decided it’s alright for a small group of people to behave this way because they’re an ethnic minority.

  3. LC McKenna says:

    actually your both wrong…i drove up the back way and there were still like 30 people in the back of the development area so they didn’t leave they just went over to their side.

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