Red Power – Native Supremacy Movement in Ontario

Posted: August 24, 2007 in Caledonia, Corruption, DCE, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Jeff's Blogs, Native Racist Hatred, Native Supremacy Movement, Natives, Terrorism

Caledonia Wakeup Call has discovered that there is a Native Supremacy movement under way in Ontario. Some of the material has been proudly flaunted on Six Nations “reclamation” website, and at least one source of a new level of hate has been revealed. “Red Power Studios “has been manufacturing video’s encouraging the use of deadly force by Natives against Canadian citizens.

CSIS is investigating and we hope to have more information soon.

What we know to be true at this time is that these Native Supremacy videos have been circulating the internet for months now via multiple sources including the Six Nations “reclamation” site which is a chat board where people who support or take place in the Douglas Creek Estates occupation and other Native terrorist activities inflate one another’s ego.

The site was specifically set up to support the Douglas Creek Estates occupation in Caledonia and is a constant source of racist hatred toward non Natives or anyone who dares to speak against their terrorist, supremacist actions.

The message in the videos is neither subtle nor about “Aboriginal rights”. They boldly implore Natives to take up arms and attack the “evil” white man. They condemn negotiations as worthless and claim “the revolution is here”.

An excerpt from one of said videosBurning bridges taking down, power lines 2007 it’s a sign of the times revolution’s real, feel my pain strap to a board and smash through your fucking brain. Ammonia Nitrate detonate a primer cord, hazard no more digging up the dawn, counter intelligence information aint gonna stop till I destroy your Nation, concerning non violence to hell with you all, fascist little bitches is the reason we fall.

Stare the enemy right in the eye, pull the pin prepare to die, residential schools attempted genocide, now it’s your turn to run and hide. Harper and McHale hope you burn in hell, you’ve done the right thing only time will tell. No one has ever called me a dirty Indian, down in Caledonia with the crosses burning, Canada sat down make a smart bomb, strapping myself up ready to get it on,

That is the cleanest portion of the language. One entitled “Killing for land “starts with the text “Igniting a revolution “another condones the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in the USA as justified.

The ideology of these people is clear. Hatred for everyone but Natives. The same ideology that fuels White Supremacist groups, Black Supremacist groups, a German Supremacist group that changed the world we live in, and now a Native Supremacy movement. To these people equality is a loathsome idea that can not be allowed to take place and we should all live in a world controlled by them or die.

View the mounting pile of evidence here to see for yourself.

Stay tuned to for all the latest on this as it becomes available.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. jonser says:

    all this talk about native supremacy and all this crap about being rasist….hello can we back up abit……juss because native have to use force to get somewhere you people think they are out to kill people….every single man and women whome defend rightful right to there actions is not a person with thoughts of distruction….they are family men with children who try work for a living….the for ladies…..its there role to make sur nothing gets out of hand….another thing….how would you like it if i went to your family grave site and started digging them up and moving them…..or juss building right over them……many times us native sufferd to you white rule here in our own country….all you other nations from white to yellow even black and alian to the land….we never once said here…..this is yours….you came in with desease/hate/and killing and raping our lands from under our feet….did we write about it and said you people was rasist and did we say here…..have our children…..give them to the catholic preists and holy nune’s and let them abuse them and even rape them….. we had no control over that and yet you people did…..your great grand perents did…..all the young ladies who got pregnet and then later went missing….and the young lil boy who had to sleep with your sick preist……and even growiing up being called wagon burner and lice head…lil savage…..i can go on with the names the white children would call us indians when growing up in the big cities….in truth none of you belong here….to my eyes you are Fuckin thiefs…..i was even told the people your countries send here where nothing but sick and twisted people encluding murderers and mad doctors… you tell me who at right here to take action….should i juss sit around a not worrie about our kids future…..your wrong…..the same blood that flew through my people years ago fighting you with bow and arrow against guns and knifes…….we had more people die in this country since you came…….alcohol was your trading tool…..taking our young babies away was your cowardly way of embolished the native ways forever…but we manage to survive……and now your calling us terroirist……you better go in front of a mirror and ask that question……even if your elected leaders say sorry you think its going to end the suffering and pain that was put apon us…..your thinking wrong…..we ain’t no hate group trying to protect wat lil we have left… one will build a golf course over our traditional lands… one will build a road over our ceremoinal areas….and no more will you remove or bother our peoples last resting place…..once again….how about i go did up the queen or some very white family man….you would throw me in jail….now when you dig our people up do you listen to the crys of those loved ones…nooo… end all problems…….leave things be and respect the rightful owners….and quit calling us rasist or terriorists……its said we been fighting terrorism for 350 years now….guess who’s the first terrorist…….immigration nations to this country….brits/french and the rest of you fucking free loaders… more thing… be even lied one more time and i tell you this…..that its going around like a snow ball effect….the speeches said live on TV and the word i’m sorry…..well we know about that one….those papers our priminister and other leaders were reading from those were written from an intern clerk who write all the speeches and letters for the priminister and so on….the speech said didn’t come from the heart it came from the heart of a nobody who takes the time to write these things…then given to another person who dubs out all the kinks then given to our leader (priminister) to read over and over just to get it beliving he wrote the speech….its being emailed back and forth across this country….i don’t know who said this but i hered it like 10 times since in different ways or speeech and our elders are hearing this….our people are hearing this….the american indians are hearing this… i believe it will be made public… will always lie no matter what……we are a suffering people and you all know it but yet you still call us down,……you call one native down you call the entire nation down….well i’m juss stating my peace…so live with it you F-N cowards……little hawk from the shasoonee nation….we are a proud people and we will support our peoples struggles…next time you write shit do it on a washroom door…..seems thats where you white skins hang out……perverts…

  2. redpower movement member says:

    i agree with what is said here.
    your people have no right calling our peole terrorist when we are the grandfathers of this land and help your white fucking piggs map out our country.
    my grandfather who’s dad who use to work for the hudson bay company when the expanded west said they paid them good as guides and gave them guns and houses and silverwhere plus the first ever seen indoor wood stove which was priceless.
    all my great grandpa had to do was mape out the west for the hudson bay company.
    once this was done they knew it was a big mistake and relized it was a wrong thing they had done’ as the years past they started seeing more and more whites into our western parts of our country and did we go our out and terrorize them! nope and you know why.
    it was in our heart not to terrorize yous because you are guests to our lasds and we welcome you. my gramp said many times you people would starve in the winters and we had to feed and keep all you fuckers alive. still you call us terrorists.all this land you live on and all the lakes you see before you our people lived by them! i think your stay over over done. now go home to your own countries! we no longer want you people as a visitor’ all you brought here was desease-rape-abuse-death and stealing’ you also brother pedifiles/hookers/fags/home preists and rapist nunes who sat on young native boys are faces’ in my world your all fucking discusting and you have no right labeling us as terrorist when we help your fucking kind survive here. we need your government leader to once again say sorry for all you discusting cry babies and racist pricks to us fathers of this lands. meegwetch and fuck all your racist thoughts! all you want is what you can’t have and thats to be humble with all you free loading thiefs.

    CWUC Comment:

    I’m sorry to see that you’ve chosen not to identify yourself, but if I were as full of venom and hatred not only for someone you have never met, but for an entire race of people, I too would be ashamed to put my name to it.

    I’m more sorry however to see that in your view everyone should be judged by their race instead of their value as individuals. You suggest that I return “home” but fail to recognize that this is my home as much as it is yours. I was born in Canada as were generations of Parkinson’s before me, and this is my Native land.

    I have learned a great number of things while working with CANACE, perhaps the most important of which is that people like you do not represent the Aboriginal population of this Country. You claim to because it helps you further your bigoted agenda, but people with attitudes like yours do nothing but harm the good people in the many Native communities across the Country.

    You probably consider yourself brave for speaking out against the “evil white man” in a fury of profanity, but what have you accomplished for your people? How many wells have you dug to provide fresh water to those who lack it, how many doctors have you welcomed (or perhaps alienated?) into communities that are suffering from shortages, and what sort of inroads do you believe you have made with the system that can make these things happen?

    True courage is shown by the abused and oppressed Native people who choose to speak out against their oppressors who are often organized criminal elements within their own towns. If you have taken the time to read this site then you have most likely come across comments from a very brave and very proud Mohawk woman named Annie who has been using this site as a forum to speak out against the evils she see’s in her own backyard.

    Within the massive Native community in Canada, there is a tiny segment that uses criminal and at times terrorist activity to further their agenda while hiding behind their race and claiming to represent all honorable Native people. They do so at the expense of everyone else and have no regard for the fact that their own people are being victimized by their criminal exploits.

    I firmly believe that a day will come when the good people of Six Nations who are tired of living in fear of these thugs will be ready to stand up and speak out, and when that day comes we will be there to offer them an open forum and a very sincere hand shake.

    You scream at me about the lack of equality in our history and yet your answer is to join a supremacist movement. Can you fathom the sad irony in that?

    Jeff Parkinson
    Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

  3. jeff greyeyes ojibway nation says:

    jeff parkinson- ok i read your shit and i’m very much confused with what you had to say about the two other comments, to me its very hard to understand what you are trying to say as you say it in notebook style.
    where have you been in the last 350 years and have you kept up with all the wrong doings that our done to many of our nations’you say red doesn’t speak for anyone and yet he’s a very well known activist and speaks very much the truth unlike you, no matter what you say about being native to this land and how you became a so called canadian, the word kaanada means village so hows does that make you one of the true peoples who once roamed these great land with respect, as joneser said we would never move bureal sites to build a road way or or build on secret area’s that we people respected since time started.
    what gives yor the right to say you belong here when we all know most immigrants that crammed a boat to the new lands are decendents of rapists and murders and common thiefs.
    if you read up on history you might be the great great grandchild of a murder or so on.
    we never once gave up this land nor did we ever sell it” i’m the son of the 7th generation of my clan and if you tell me wrong then you are saying we never existed’ in my 54 years and seeing many hurtful things done to our peoples and the break down of our ways with the taking of us children and the abuse we went through you got no right to say what you had to say in your bullshit statment because you never sufferd the way we have been suffering since the landing of your boats and the first germ war you put apon us, it wiped out many tribs on the eastern shores of the east coast and so on, the murders at wounded knee and white sands colorado of old people and women and children who did nothing but wanted to live there rightful ways.
    the use of alcohol to break a spirit in many ways and still today our people suffer this great deal and it came from the visitors are hands and is still being passed, your holy people brought these dark buildings of abuse and when i was a child in these schools many i met went missing’ do you have an answer for that because oneday once again the truth of many children missing will come out as its said in our native tonges that things that don’t belong in the earth will be pushed out by the movement of frost’ i guess thats why they put people in boxes.
    anyhow i’m just stating things of what others said here and it has nothing to do with a criminal act.
    ny nations ojibway and i’m proud of whome i am and my real name is summer bear and i’m bear clan and my people lived in the same area i been living for more then i can say and as for you—-> your roots belong in a starving land why els would you people come over here and put claim to something that was never yours !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Thank you for your comment Mr. greyeyes / summer bear

    I did my best to answer your questions in this post

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