By Gary McHale – 

August 26, 2007


No one could deny the historical abuses that Blacks faced in the USA and especially in the Southern States. No one could deny that the rise of the KKK added greatly to the hardships faced by Blacks. Clearly the USA was guilty of violating the basic Human Rights of Blacks for several generations. 

Both Dr. King Jr. and Malcolm Little (called Malcolm X) lived in the same time frame and each saw it their duty to fight for the Rights of the Black people.Each saw the historical abuses and the hatred that many Americans had towards the Black people. Each had stories where they witnesses racism and violence against Blacks first hand. 

But each of these men chose a pattern to fight for the Rights and Freedoms that Blacks deserved to have. Freedom from racism and freedom from the violence that came with such racism was a noble cause to fight for. The Right to Equality under the Law and Equality throughout American Society was something that was deserved. 

One chose to be consumed by Hate and would lead Black Rights Groups that would see Hate and Violence as the means against the white man. One chose to be governed by patience, tolerance and he fought for peace, not using violence.


 Who is your Hero? 

We chose Dr. King Jr. Unfortunately, the media printed that because we quoted from Dr. King Jr. and believed it was great to follow his example of non-violent protest, that this was something they could use in order to insult me, saying that I thought I was Martin Luther King Jr.Meanwhile, Red Power Studios and a Delegation of Six Nations Youth saw their hero in the form of Malcolm X. They created a video with images of Malcolm X along with one of his speeches that justified killing people for land. 

To date the media has not bothered to point out that Native Extremists are idiolizing Malcolm X – maybe they’re too busy thinking it is funny that we quote from such a peace loving person like Dr. King Jr.

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