The racist political policing (or extreme lack of) known as 2 Tiered Justice was first referred to regarding Caledonia & DCE, but it is far from contained to one small town.

When Native Criminals took over the building site of what was to be a retirement home in Hagersville, the OPP not only stood and watched but assisted them in erecting a barricade to keep the legal owner of the property off of his land.

On June 29, 2007 the OPP closed the busiest highway in the Country the 401 because a small group of Native thugs said they might do it. No attempt was made to stop any of the blockades led by Terrorist Shawn Brant. Instead the Police we pay to protect us assisted him by blockading the road themselves.

When they laid a claim to the future site of a Wal-Mart in Dunville, nothing was done to stop them and the latest rumors are that Wal-Mart is canceling the building because of it.

When the Criminals showed up at a housing development in Brantford and demanded the construction of 200 new homes come to a halt, the OPP did nothing and the developer stopped.

On August 10, 2007 Terrorists from DCE decided to take a walk to a building site a few blocks away and closed down a Stirling St. development until the building agreed to join them in a campaign to pressure the government to abandon the system and expedite Native Land Claims. The OPP did nothing.

Just this week, 2 separate groups of Native Criminals showed up at another housing development claiming that each of them owns it and threatened to bring back large groups to occupy the site if the developer did not shut down. He agreed and once again they terrorized their way to appeasement while the OPP sat and watched.

An interested quote from the Brantford Expositor tells the story of what the OPP do while Natives terrorize non Natives. “He noticed a car nearby with two men inside and walked over to ask them why they were there. He said they were undercover police officers and were observing the action. “I didn’t believe them at first, but they showed me their badges,” Quattrociocchi recalled. “They told me they were watching that group of natives as they made the rounds of various local job sites.”In Sharbot Lake Ontario, a group of Native Criminals have been illegally occupying the site of a mining operation since June 29, 2007. On August 29, a Judge issued an injunction ordering the “protestors” off of the site, and full access to be restored to the owners.The OPP have not removed any of the criminals and are once agains refusing to enforce a court order. The criminals have stated they will not leave and will fight to maintain their illegal blockade.In response to the injunction, the OPP sent Garry MacPherson the head of the ART team to talk to the criminals and explain that the OPP have no intention of enforcing the court order and will give them warning ahead of time if they do.Doreen Davis, Chief of the Shabot Obaadjiwan Algonquin community had this to say about the injunction: “We feel that this [injunction] places us at war,” “To come in here and force us out of here when we’re standing on our Algonquin land puts us in a position of being at war.” To further prove her point about how far these criminals are prepared to go to defy a court order The Globe & Mail were told “Ms. Davis said she has been in contact with Mohawks from the Six Nations communities and they are ready to arrive on site should there be a confrontation, which she predicts is “very, very likely” to occur.”

They are ready to bring in criminals from the same group who “reinforced” DCE in 2006 by launching a Terrorist attack on the town. Dalton McGuinty will no doubt refuse to allow the OPP to enforce the Injunction at least until the Election on October 10 is over so it’s entirely possible that we have another attack the likes of DCE in April 2006 to look forward to this fall.

One year ago it was possible for some to argue that the racist political policing known as 2 tiered justice was a problem that only Caledonia had to deal with, but it should be very clear to us all by now that it’s spreading like Wildfire across Ontario and your rights will be ignored automatically anywhere in Ontario if you happen to find yourself stuck in any sort of Native dispute.

There can be no question that it will happen again (and again and again) The only questions left are when, where, and who will it happen to next? If you would prefer not to become just another faceless victim of the OPP assisting Native Criminals at the expense of all of your fundamental rights, contact your MP and MPP and let them know that this behavior is unacceptable.

So long as Apathy remains the will of the people, you have no voice and your government will abandon you in a heartbeat if it suits the agenda of appeasing Native Criminals.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call

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