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August 31, 2007 

Yesterday provided some interesting insight into the logic used in the application of 2 tiered justice in Ontario. There is none.

3 protestors from Greenpeace were arrested yesterday for using civil disobedience to spread their message about coal fired hydro stations, and although their methods were over the line and they did deserve to be arrested, at the same time Terrorist Shawn Brant was freed on bail pending trial on 9 criminal charges.

The same Shawn Brant who voiced his intentions loudly and proudly this summer to target the infrastructure of Canada and the economy as a means to further his political agenda. “ I don’t give a rats ass if I create victims “ and “ Only when every home has suffered as we have suffered will I stop “ are among his many quotes.

Greenpeace delayed the delivery of a shipment of coal to the Nanticoke plant for part of a day, Shawn Brant shut down Canada’s largest railroad and highway, and made it clear he intended to do it again as many times as it takes for him to feel satisfied.