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On a rare break from his duties as a traffic cop, Julian Fantino made the crucial mistake of opening his mouth when asked a question (you shouldn’t have removed the duck tape big guy) and in a few paragraphs managed to spit in the face of every resident of Caledonia.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with the story, Greenpeace pained the words “NO COAL” on the side of a boat bound for Nanticoke last week and Fantino reacted by sending in hundreds of OPP officers complete with boats and helicopters. In fact local news stories reported a flood of OPP standing by at the Nanticoke Generating Station for days before Greenpeace ever entered the area.

3 Greenpeace activists were arrested for mischief and after testifying at the hearing that saw Terrorist Shawn Brant freed on bail, Fantino took the time to talk to the Toronto Sun and blew a gasket over the relatively harmless if annoying actions of Greenpeace.