Fantino opens mouth – exposes more 2 Tiered Justice

Posted: September 3, 2007 in Caledonia, Corruption, DCE, Election 2007, FantinoGate, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Jeff's Blogs, Land claims, Natives, OPP

On a rare break from his duties as a traffic cop, Julian Fantino made the crucial mistake of opening his mouth when asked a question (you shouldn’t have removed the duck tape big guy) and in a few paragraphs managed to spit in the face of every resident of Caledonia.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with the story, Greenpeace pained the words “NO COAL” on the side of a boat bound for Nanticoke last week and Fantino reacted by sending in hundreds of OPP officers complete with boats and helicopters. In fact local news stories reported a flood of OPP standing by at the Nanticoke Generating Station for days before Greenpeace ever entered the area.

3 Greenpeace activists were arrested for mischief and after testifying at the hearing that saw Terrorist Shawn Brant freed on bail, Fantino took the time to talk to the Toronto Sun and blew a gasket over the relatively harmless if annoying actions of Greenpeace.

His comments were astounding even coming from Fantino who has proven many times before that he should never speak.  Referring to the delayed delivery of coal to Nanticoke for part of one day he had the following to say. “Nothing but anarchy that could have ended with people hurt” “We will investigate it thoroughly and charges will be laid if warranted.” “If I had the power and authority in law I would have seized that ship as a result of its facilitating criminal activity,”

That’s a lot of big talk from a man who knows he can’t do anything further about this, but it only degenerated further. “Just think of all of the resources at great cost we have had to pull in from elsewhere in the province to deal with this nonsense.”

What? How many cops have you had to pull in to deal with the Criminal occupation of DCE and the Terrorist attacks that have taken place there? How many times has he condemned the Native Terrorists who caused that to happen?

“Using and enticing young people to break the law is mercenary, and it is despicable.” But only for Greenpeace apparently and certainly not when Natives do it to wreak havoc on Caledonia.

It terrorized the people on the coal ship, put our officers in harm’s way and put the very foundation of the province’s power supply at risk.” Any “sabotage” of the power supply, he said, is not acceptable. “This was anarchy and it was masqueraded around environmental concerns,”

“Any Sabotage to the power supply”? Greenpeace delayed a boat for hours and they are sabotaging the power supply. Native Criminals have destroyed a hydro substation in Caledonia, prevented a $180 Million Hydro One development in Caledonia, have blocked the building of Wind Mills, and are currently preventing the legal mining of Uranium for the generation of Nuclear power, but they are of course NOT a threat to the power supply because they are Natives.

Terrorized Julian? Some people on a boat who had to stop work for part of a day were terrorized? How many times have you referred to the citizens of Caledonia whose lives have been turned upside down for the last year and a half as Terrorized? The Children who live in places the OPP refuse to go because they have been terrorized into taking orders from Terrorists he does not consider terrorized, but some boat workers who had to stop briefly were?

Caledonia Wakeup Call are not the only ones who noticed how inappropriate and obscene this rant from the Commissioner was. In a story by CHTV (Hamilton) about the clear demonstration of 2 tier law enforcement, Caledonia resident Merlyn Kinrade had the following to say.

“He’s overlooked terrorism here for as long as he’s been commissioner of the OPP. Why wouldn’t he label these people terrorists that blow up power stations, burn down bridges, and disrupt commerce? That to me is Terrorism.“

Greenpeace was also happy to comment on the situation and reaffirmed our statement for many months now that Fantino is nothing more than a bully. The head of Greenpeace Bruce Cox had the following to say:

“For the chief of police to suggest that we are anarchists, that we are despicable, that our actions endangered lives.. Simply not true to begin with, but also we have to think that they’re words used to intimidate us to try and stop us from raising this debate “

Fantino has been using these ridiculous intimidation tactics against Caledonia Wakeup Call, and against the citizens and elected officials of Haldimand for a long time now. It should be no surprise that he’s attempting to bully another group into silence for having the guts to speak out against his master Dalton McGuinty.

Concerning the ridiculous amount of force Fantino sent to follow the group around, Greenpeace Captain Pete Bouquet had the following to say: “There’s no need for them to follow us like that, to that level of spying basically. “ Further comments provided by CH from Greenpeace provide even more evidence of what we’ve been saying about Fantino and the OPP all along. “Greenpeace says Fantino’s comments raise the prospect of a police state where police control the public debate.”

Such intimidation tactics are all too familiar. On January 20, 2007 Fantino sent in hundreds of officers, the London Riot Squad, and a helicopter which he used to circle overhead all to prevent 2 men from hanging Canadian flags on a hydro poll on a public street as is their legal right to do.

Although I do believe that Greenpeace went too far and the people involved did deserve to be arrested, they confirmed some very valuable facts about Fantino and the OPP.

Julian and his goon squad will go to ridiculous lengths to harass and intimidate anyone who dares to oppose Dalton McGuinty or any of his policies. In this case hundreds of officers helicopters and boats all to arrest 3 people.

The OPP will enforce the law against demonstrators who are not Natives, but continue to ignore it when Native criminals are involved. This is overwhelming proof of 2 tier justice and racial discrimination by the OPP.

Julian is familiar with the word “terrorized” but clearly does not understand what it means.

He will issue public attacks damning and severely exaggerating the actions of a few people while his officers sit around participating in a Pipe Ceremony, passed around an eagle feather, and participated in a “telling circle” with Native criminals who are in violation of a court order to leave the illegally occupied Uranium mine in Sharbot Lake.

My thanks to Greenpeace for causing Julian to go off his rocker again and for refusing to back down in exposing the nature of his tactics. Kudo’s to CHTV for running this story as well.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. Greenpeace’s only mistake was in not taking some rapists, gunmen and other assorted criminals from DCE with them along with a Warriors flag. Then the OPP would have assisted the protest ship in blocking the shipping lanes, the coal boat captain would have been arrested for ‘breach of the peace,’ and Fantino would have called him “despicable” instead of the Greenpeacers. 🙂

    Yes, kudos indeed to Merlyn, CHTV and Julian.

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor

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