UPDATE: January 28, 2010; The content of the tapes has been pulled from the site hosting them, but the posts with descriptions of the tapes remain. We don’t and may never know who is responsible for having them pulled, but I think we can all take a pretty good guess.

As first reported on www.caledoniawakeupcall.com, someone out there has started releasing the DCE / OPP radio transmission tapes. What’s been published thus far is just a small sample of the countless hours of tape that exist, but it’s a powerful example of the way the DCE Criminals figuratively and literally walk all over the OPP.

I strongly urge everyone to listen to these before the McGuinty government and the OPP make them disappear. http://www.listentotruth.blogspot.com/

The first of the tapes demonstrates clearly the double standard the OPP use to enforce the joke of a 100′ “no go zone” around DCE. Officers have threatened to arrest me personally for trying to get within 200′ of this area with a camera but in this clip we hear them observing Natives in the zone armed with a bat, a pipe, and a club with a blade on the end of it. No effort is made to stop or question them of course.

The second lets us listen in as the OPP talk about hearing gunshots and determine them to be coming from “behind that residence on the DCE”. The same OPP who have claimed there are no gunshots and residents were hearing firecrackers.

The third lets us listen in as the OPP watch Natives from DCE trespass on private property to steal someone’s Canadian flags. They make no effort to stop this crime, and when the Natives get upset the OPP leave the scene so they can continue their criminals act in peace.

The fourth is the OPP investigating a shooting on the Sixth Line Road as someone shot 5 rounds through the front door of a cop’s home. Virtually no effort is made to locate the suspects and when an officer observes suspects walking down the road, he calls for no backup and casually states that he will turn around and go take another look. One officer makes the very interesting statement of “we’ll just follow the policy”.

The fifth is DCE “security” observing a salt truck making a wrong turn into an area they don’t want it in. The suggested solution to this problem by one of the Natives is “we’ll just shoot the bastard”

The last of the currently published tapes is by far the most damning. It begins with an officer chasing a car that won’t stop and when this chase passes DCE, the Natives have a fit that the OPP would dare to drive in the area and start interfering with the chase. They talk about getting the keys to the backhoe to block the street, authorize the shooting of OPP officers “if they get any closer”,

swarm and harass officers trying to do their job, interfere with the routing of an ambulance being sent to render medical assistance to a man who is having trouble breathing, threaten to steal an OPP cruiser if the cops don’t remove it, and dictate to the OPP not only that they must leave the area (which they do) but also what route they are allowed to take to return to Caledonia.

We do not know who the owner of the site http://www.listentotruth.blogspot.com/ is, but they have done a great service to the Canadian public and risked a great deal in doing so. I thank you and I hope we will see more from you in the future.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call

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