September 13, 2007


Hearing late this afternoon that an illegal Native occupation in Caledonia had turned vicious and seen a local developer attacked and hospitalized by the Native Criminals, I spent the evening on the scene.

I arrived shortly before the OPP set up a barricade to keep residents away from their homes and to ensure that any non Natives could not walk down this public street, so I was able to stay behind that police line all evening.

When the criminal occupiers agreed to leave, some Native youth decided they were going to do their own land claim. While the OPP played bodyguard, they climbed a large dirt hill and planted a Warrior flag. Native elders were allowed in to bring food and water to the children who were dressed in typical warrior garb with masks and camouflage.

The OPP were not speaking to anyone about what was happening on the hill but I had a conversation with Council member Craig Grice who filled in the details of these children emulating their elders from DCE by refusing to leave for the night. Mr. Grice spent the evening on the scene talking with residents and trying to calm an impossible situation. He was the only Haldimand Council Member who stepped up and tried during this crisis. Buck Sloat made a token appearance at approximately 9:45pm as everyone was dispersing and stood by the side of the road talking on his cell phone.

Admittedly I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps as a child, but what does this say about the example being set for the youth of Six Nations? Native Elders (at least one of whom claimed to be from the US) explained to me that they had tried to talk the children into coming down, but they simply said no. Their intention to stay the night became more clear as the sun set and they built a bon fire on top of the hill. I asked one of the elders about this and his response was “kids will be kids”.

The real story of the day however is the attack by Native Terrorists on an innocent developer who was in the process of building 2 homes for his children on the site. The attack was explained to me very clearly by another developer who witnessed it, and by the brother of the victim.

Several Natives were inside one of the unfinished houses, and when the builder went to inspect it, he came across them, asked them to leave, and was violently attacked by the Natives wielding 2×4’s. They crushed his nose, then beat him on the chest, neck, and head long after he fell unconscious. His brother told us tonight that he was barely recognizable and is being transported to Hamilton General Hospital for an MRI as it is feared he may have suffered brain damage from the attack. Natives tried to claim that this vicious attack was self defense, but that story simply doesn’t hold any water.

This comes just one day after the McGuinty government emboldened these thugs even more by announcing that they will do nothing to assist developers if their land is occupied by Natives. Congratulations Dalton McGuinty, you found a way to make the problem of illegal Native occupations in Ontario even worse. As reported on CHCH news tonight, immediately after the builder was assaulted, McGuinty was asked during a campaign stop in Kitchener what he would do about it. His reply was “It’s my job to keep the peace” then he blamed the problems he’s created on the Federal Government and boarded his bus with a big smile while a man laid in the hospital with possible brain damage thanks to the new, even more hands off policy of the McGuinty Liberals.

One has to wonder what Julian Fantino will have to say now after having a fit in the media that Green Peace had young activists working on their behalf some weeks ago. What public statement will he make about Six Nations youth joining in the terrorizing of Caledonia? I sincerely doubt he will take time off from his busy schedule of writing traffic tickets to comment.

Stay tuned to for pictures, audio, video, and all of the latest developments on this highly disturbing breaking story.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call

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