Mohawk Nation News reporter condemns apology to Gualtieri family

Posted: September 16, 2007 in Caledonia, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Jeff's Blogs, Native Supremacy Movement, Natives, Sam & Joe Gualtieri, Stirling Street Development

In yet another new low for the Native Terrorists who it seems will stoop to any level to hide behind the claim of “indigenous rights” which they do not represent, Mohawk Nation News propaganda artist Kahentinetha Horn released a rant today condemning the apology by Confederacy chiefs for the savage attempted murder of Sam Gualtieri this past week in Caledonia.

Her incoherent ramblings about “Genocide” and “Colonial Oppression” are not worthy of publication, but today she truly showed the mind set of these criminals so clearly that portions must be shared with the public.

“MNN. Sept. 15, 2007. On September 13th at around 4:00 pm. witnesses saw non-native men running out, picking up weapons and going back into the unfinished house. Inside five non-native men had ambushed two Indigenous youth.”

What witnesses might those be Horn? Fellow criminals who were occupying the site illegally at the time, or perhaps the criminals themselves who viciously beat Sam Gualtieri very nearly to death for entering his own house?

Apparently two Indigenous youth had entered the “empty” building and surprised the non-natives who were inside. It was the Gualtieri brothers, Sam and Joe, and their three nephews, of Caledonia. They started to beat one of the youth, a very young teenager. The older youth walked in and found Sam Gualtieri had his young brother against the wall with a bar pressed across his throat, ready to kill him. He grabbed whatever he could find to save his young brother. Joe Gualtieri watched as his brother Sam took a beating. These burly guys and their nephews were over confident.

Caledonia Wakeup Call will gladly provide the Gualtieri family with the complete article if they wish to sue Ms. Horn and the Mohawk Nation News for this story.

One of the Confederacy Royaner [Chiefs] immediately distanced himself from the defenders of the land. He issued a statement condemning the boys and apologizing to the Gualtieri family. The Royaner condemned all defenders by saying “they’re on their own”. He said they will support “peaceful actions” only. His apology for an act of self-defense by the Indigenous boys shows how even our own members can be ensnared by bad press

Those indigenous people who follow foreign laws have alienated themselves from their nation. They forfeit their title and the gustowi falls from their brow. They shall forfeit all birthrights and claims of the Confederacy and to the territory.

To translate from Horn to English, she’s saying that any chiefs who obey the laws of the Country in which we all live (Canada) are subject to intense discrimination from that day forward from Native Supremacists like herself.

The Indigenous youth had a right to question these men who were trespassing. It looked like the Galtieri family were trying to make a political statement. It ended with our boys getting ambushed inside the house and the boys acting in self-defense as they should.

There is plenty more to her “article” but it’s babbling nonsense is not fit for publication and will not be given air time on this site. The core of her message is quite blunt. She considers the attempted murder of Sam Gualtieri (who’s name she can not bother to spell properly) to be “self defence”, she does not believe that Natives should be subject to the laws of the Country in which they live, and she condemns the apology issued by Chiefs to the Gualtieri family.

It should be no surprise to see such nonsense spewing from the mouth of someone who has previously reported her admiration for Adolph Hitler.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    Jeff: I’m willing to wager the hapless innocent “youts” the schizophrenic Horn has painted as victims, have a rap sheet longer than a roll of Charmin’. 😉

    Horn’s ranting is a constant source of humor but I dread to think id her readers are really stupid enough to soak up the rehashed Marxist revolutionary fantasy scape she spews.

    We note the fanatics ( and even the so called moderates) of SN are not aiding police in investigating this crime….the kids were IDed by the victim…why are they not rounded up or surrendered to police for questioning?

    The whole incident is indicative of renagade contempt for law and civility…the mindset of lawless barbarians…..time to hand the policing funtion of Caledonia over to the military…obvious the “moderates” in SN are out of control of law enforcement on the reserve and occupation sites and the OPP have been told not to enforce the law against SN…someone has to reestablish rule of law.

    Seeing how SN has stated they will shoot cops or unarmed citizens who enter illegally occupied land, we need a martial force with orders to return defensive fire if fired on….only the military fits this bill.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Nice to hear from you WL,

    It should be noted that these “youths” Horn speaks of were described as roughly 20 years old by the Gualtieri family who unlike horn was there and saw them.

    I appreciate the mentality of why the military are the only option at this point but I must disagree to some extent in that there is one option which has not yet been tried.

    The OPP are a 7500 member force which is probably far more than the Canadian Military has available right now to mobilize. At one time they were a law enforcement agency and we all know the reason they refuse to act now is due to orders from much higher up not to enforce the law.

    To bring in the military would require a call to do so from the premier. If he’s willing to make such a call surely he would be willing to first try allowing the OPP to do their job?

    My personal preference would be to first see the OPP given the order to do their job and have the military on stand by as backup. My reason being that the military are obviously not a permanent solution as they can’t stay in Caledonia forever.

    I would like to see them take at least one try at doing the job they are employed to do.


  3. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    Frankly, Jeff, The OPP are not trained nor equipped to cope with the armed terrorist insurrection which will certainly ensue were they to carry out the demands of the rule of law and remove illegal occupiers and serve due process on outstanding warrants or carry out investigations on previous criminal complaints….or even conduct the current attempted murder investigation on the reserve….SN occupied land is lawless territory where armed terrorists in open declaration of war against this nation are allowed to roam freely…they will reflexively fire on Law enforcement officers carrying out the demands of enforcing the rule of law and due process. Police intel knows there are both light and medium military anti-personnel hardware on the reserve which police ordnance and tactics are insufficient to deal with….are you suggesting we get a few cops killed first to justify bringing the army in?

    If I was a moderate/law abiding Mohawk I’d be deeply concerned at how close to a martial law solution the armed insurrectionists are about to push authorities. Mayor Trainer has already hinted that Harper is “ready” to send troops…all he needs is to be asked….and contrary to revisionist pap about Constitutional protocal, it need not be the premier that does it…it can be a group of elected officials petitioning the feds through the LG if the premier continues to allow lawlessness which threatens Canadian communities under his jurisdiction.

    It happened to SN in the 20s and I can see something similar occurring soon…IF Mohawks don’t drop the asinine armed intimidation politics and get a grip on law enforcement and civil order on the reserve. When it goes down, I can see it taking the terrorists totally by surprise and being an international sting operation with US marshals/border security/BATF/militia holding a round up of similar criminal elements on the NY reserves.

    I think that any military solution will not be haphazard or politically restricted like Oka…..Harper is too calculating and effective to have this military action do anything but succeed…which means coming up with terrorists, weapons caches and drugs and drug money after the raid….I suspect the feds have intel on these lasagna type rebels that would shock even the most smug SN gunrunner. When the smoke clears, reserve Mohawks will have limited mobility and ability to ship contriband off their respective reserves…SN international travel and commerce will be suspended until order and democracy is established on reserves and captured criminals and insurrectionists are rounded up, tried and incarcerated.

    Unless the Mohawks show respect for the rule of law and civil order and recognize Canada’s sovereignty…they come to negotiations in bad faith…there is nothing to “negotiate” with people who do not recognize our authority and national legitimacy…they are there in contempt of OUR claims and promise only endless unresolved insurrection……similarly who do we deal with as legitimately representing SN?…The drooling mongoloids on the roof tops of the Stirling houses?

    No Jeff, I think a military action to capture or dispatch the armed insurrectionist criminal elements hiding in SN reserves and causing lawlessness off the reserves ( and the feds know who they are) is long over due. A swift decisive military action to capture known terrorists and gangsters and seize their arms caches, contraband goods/drugs and related cash from criminal activity will remove the intimidation they hold over Mohawks who want a responsible democratic and legitimate government, which can live and negotiate in peace with their Canadian neighbors. This must occur before any “negotiation” can be reached which will have any hope of lasting by mutual respect of sovereignty.

    I think the police will have a role in restoring order after the action but it will take the military to do the heavy skirmishing to win the war over the armed domestic terrorists running this SN insurrection against Canadian sovereignty.

  4. Aaron says:

    What were those innocent youths doing inside other people’s house?
    In my extensive vocabulary I could only find one word: trespassing.

    I have to agree with CWC: OPP has not been tried as a solution yet. It is in their power and mandate to arrest and lock up criminals. How many? 20, 30, 50, 100? They just arrested two large gangs in TO West end in a series of raids. I would hazard a guess that OPP has plenty resources and extensive training in dealing with situations. They can be augmented with military force, but only for SHTF situation of armed confrontation.

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