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MNN.  Sept. 20, 2007.  Message from Rotiskeneketeh, “We will be walking peacefully on the CPR tracks from the “border” of Kahnawake at St. Constant off Highway 132 at the intersection of Highway 30.  From there we will walk to the Train Bridge over the tunnel in the village of Kahnawake.” 

“We are standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Six Nations who have just been kidnapped by the foreigners forces of the Ontario Provincial Police, Hamilton City Police and the RCMP.   Ontario and Canada have walked away from the “talks”.  This has always been an international matter of colonial Canada invading the Indigenous sovereign people of Six Nations.”

“Our people have been victimized by attacks from colonial government agencies.  This use of force must stop.  They must obey international law.  We are standing together in support of all of our Six Nations Territories.” 

“Defending our land is not criminal.”

Contact:  Janie at 519-732-9828 and B.L.T. 514-816-9533.

This propaganda by Janie Jamieson who initiated the criminal occupation of DCE and clearly can’t grasp the concept of “law” brought to you by Caledonia Wakeup Call is reporting that Clyde Powless, the man who ordered the main street of Caledonia dug up for weeks last year, gave the ‘OK’ for an OPP force led by a plainclothes RCMP officer to arrest a bunch of native thugs at the Stirling Street development site as described in Bulletin: RCMP lead OPP arrest of 13 natives during crisis at Stirling Street development in Caledonia.

Around 7:30pm I got a call from a Caledonia resident who met an OPP officer and asked him, given the news that arrests of natives had actually occurred, if Julian Fantino had been fired. The officer replied that as far as they knew, Fantino was still in charge, but that they got the “blessing of the Six Nations Confederacy” to make the arrests.

Who is in charge of the OPP – the Six Nations Confederacy or Julian Fantino and the government of Ontario?

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Wednesday September 19, 2007 Staff

It appears the OPP may have finally taken some action against native protestors in Caledonia. Reports from the scene of a long standoff at a housing subdivision indicate cops moved into the disputed land on Wednesday afternoon and took 18 people into custody. All those arrested are said to be natives.

There’s no word on what prompted the police action or if any charges have been laid. But there doesn’t appear to have been the kind of violence many fear a police move might incite. And the OPP hopes to keep it that way. “We’re just asking everybody to be respectful to each other while this is unfolding and we’ll have a peaceful resolution at the end of the stay,” offers Sgt. Dave Rektor.

This latest incident follows a violent confrontation that took place last week between a home builder and those on the land. Fifty-two-year-old Sam Gualtieri was discovered unconscious and bloody after he went to check out a home under construction.

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Sept. 18, 2007
London Free Press

Last week an innocent property owner was severely injured in Caledonia. The back of his head was bashed in and he was further assaulted while unconscious.Dalton McGuinty is responsible for his lack of action on over 17 months of native aggression and crime against innocent residents and business owners.

Anyone who votes Liberal had better think twice about the safety of their homes, jobs, children and way of life. Under the Liberals our law has become extinct and the OPP useless.

We are on the road to anarchy

POSTED BY: Mary-Lou LaPratte, Sarnia