Who’s in charge – Six Nations Confederacy or Julian Fantino?

Posted: September 20, 2007 in Headlines

CaledoniaWakeUpCall.com is reporting that Clyde Powless, the man who ordered the main street of Caledonia dug up for weeks last year, gave the ‘OK’ for an OPP force led by a plainclothes RCMP officer to arrest a bunch of native thugs at the Stirling Street development site as described in Bulletin: RCMP lead OPP arrest of 13 natives during crisis at Stirling Street development in Caledonia.

Around 7:30pm I got a call from a Caledonia resident who met an OPP officer and asked him, given the news that arrests of natives had actually occurred, if Julian Fantino had been fired. The officer replied that as far as they knew, Fantino was still in charge, but that they got the “blessing of the Six Nations Confederacy” to make the arrests.

Who is in charge of the OPP – the Six Nations Confederacy or Julian Fantino and the government of Ontario?

Read the full story here

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