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Originally posted December 19, 2006

The Hamilton Spectator
CALEDONIA (Dec 19, 2006)

Natives on the former Douglas Creek Estates are rejecting accusations they are behind the weekend trashing of the home of Caledonia residents.

The incident occurred on the weekend to the home David Brown owns with Dana Chatwell on Argyle Street West on the border of the Douglas Creek Estates.

The couple told police they’d been out for the evening and when they returned home at about 1:30 a.m., Dec. 17, they saw several people running out the back door onto Douglas Creek Estates.

OPP spokesperson Paula Wright said the intruders had overturned furniture and scrawled graffiti on the inside walls, but apparently didn’t steal anything.

“Racist go home,” was one of the slogans painted onto the walls.

A group of non-natives who gathered near the house Sunday afternoon blamed protesters for the break-in. But Wright said it’s too early to point the finger at anybody.

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