Health Minister new expert on Native Occupations? A few Questions for George Smitherman

Posted: September 23, 2007 in Caledonia, DCE, Election 2007, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Jeff's Blogs, Liberals, McGuinty, Natives, Sam & Joe Gualtieri, Stirling Street Development, Top Posts

The following statement today by health minister George Smitherman raises some interesting questions.

Our focus is maintaining peace, his focus is stirring the pot,” Deputy Premier George Smitherman said in a statement released as Tory met with residents in the town, not far from the Douglas Creek Estates, the development occupied by protesters upset over a land-claims dispute in February 2006.”

I have a few questions for the Liberals now that they have appointed this new expert to speak to the media about Caledonia.

Why is George Smitherman, the health Minster of Ontario talking about Caledonia and Native land claims?

Wouldn’t it be prudent for him to reserve any Caledonia related comments to health care issues such as the health of Sam Gualtieri who was hospitalized by McGuinty’s ability to keep the peace?

Maybe if he restrained himself to talking about his own department, he would know what he was talking about.

What does it say about the Liberal campaign that they have the Health Minister addressing the media on their behalf about Caledonia?

Why doesn’t the Attorney General, Aboriginal Affairs Minister or maybe even the leader of the party Dalton McGuinty speak out about this?

Is the McGuinty campaign so terrified of this issue that they now have to find some remote unconnected politician who is clueless about the topic to spread their message about Caledonia, or has the Health Minister already spent so much money on the OPP officers and citizens who have been injured in Caledonia that he has to get involved now?

Did the cost of the CT and MRI scans for Sam Gualtieri drive him to suddenly speak up?

He didn’t say a word when Mr. Gualtieri was laying in the hospital fighting for his life. Was that not considered a health issue?

Who will be the next expert the Liberals send to speak about this issue, the guy who makes the campaign buttons?

Has Smitherman visited Caledonia? If so he would be the first Liberal to do so aside from Bergstrand who hopes to be elected there and brought a whopping 8-10 people out for a public meeting last weekend.

Will Smitherman now be banning junk food on DCE and all future occupation sites?

What are his thoughts on the health of the citizens McGuinty has forced to be victimized by Natives for the last 19 months?

What exactly has the cost been to the health care system in treating the OPP officers, residents, Natives who were beaten on DCE by fellow occupiers with crowbars, and the women who have been raped on DCE?

Does Dalton in fact suffer from some ailment that prevents him from ever telling the truth to the Canadian public?

What are the health effects of inhaling the fumes from gasoline fueled tire fires, and brush fires created to force residents bordering DCE out of their homes?

Should Mr. Smitherman wish to reply, I will be happy to post his responses to these questions for all to see.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call

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