September 23, 2007

Remember this date ladies and gentlemen as today is the day that the Government silence and inaction on the lawless Native terrorism and extortion in Ontario died.

Conservative leader John Tory visited Caledonia today and made clear the position his PC government will take once in office on the curse that McGuinty has placed on Caledonia, and allowed to spread throughout the Province.

The following is from the official story as sent out by the PC party:

“Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory today returned to Caledonia, the site of the ongoing land-occupation, where he called for new leadership to resolve the current standoff and prevent other illegal occupations in the future.“For over a year and a half Dalton McGuinty has permitted an illegal occupation to paralyze this entire community,” Mr. Tory said, “He has failed the people of Ontario.

To date, Dalton McGuinty has refused to insist on the rule of law when it comes to illegal occupations. The Caledonia occupation alone has cost Ontario taxpayers $55 million so far. Similar disputes have since threatened communities ranging from Desoronto, Brantford, Hagarsville, the Village of York, and Dunnville.

Tory announced today that he would move to protect Ontario communities from illegal occupations by strengthening existing laws.

“I am announcing today that a PC government will amend provincial statutes, including the Trespass to Property Act to address the breakdown in law that results from an illegal occupation,” said Tory. This new act would respect the valid interests of each side, protect innocent bystanders, and set a policy framework for police.”

He also outlined the new ground rules that a Progressive Conservative government would enforce when confronted with an illegal occupation:

  • No negotiation with anyone engaging in an illegal occupation;
  • Oppose any group using an illegal occupation to extort concessions or payments
  • Insist that the authority of the courts, including court injunctions, are respected and enforced; and,

• Use the justice system to pursue civil action against those who participate in, direct, or financially support illegal occupations.

“I will stand up and stand beside the people of this province to ensure they are protected,” Tory concluded. “For a safe and strong Ontario, leadership matters.”

There you have it folks. The polar opposite of the McGuinty reign of appeasement and terror has arrived, and his name is John Tory.

At least one unconfirmed report indicates that when contacted for comment on his policy of allowing Natives to Terrorize citizens and extort developers being about to crumble, Dalton simply wept softly into the phone.

2 Tiered Justice is set to become a nightmare of the past and under the strong leadership of John Tory, Ontario will truly have One Law for All!

In a weak effort by the Liberals to protect their race based policing experiment, the following comment was made.

“Our focus is maintaining peace; his focus is stirring the pot,” Deputy Premier George Smitherman said in a statement released as Tory met with residents in the town “

It should be no surprise to anyone that after all this time the best the Liberals can come up with to justify the fact that McGuinty has never set foot in Caledonia while John Tory is there speaking with residents for the ninth time is to call Tory a trouble maker.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    Jeff: Tory has made some noises that take us in the right direction with dealing with the trespass and extortion issues but there was no mention of ditching Fantino and putting a OPP commissiar in place who takes his orders from the constitutional rule of law.

    Also ( and I’ve been harping on this for 18 months) he did not adress eforcing the property rights of deeded title owners in this province…..Mowhawk claims directly imply legal ownership….they have set up an illegal quasi martial commission to act as a 4th level of government replete with taxing and permitting powers over deeded titled land and public property…emmulating a legitimate landlord right of lease.

    The real issue is a matter of creating new laws…we have them on the books….the real issue is a matter of adhering to the rule of law and constitutional responsibility of governance.

    Mowhawk land claims on the Haldemand tract out side the surveyed boundaries of the reserve and their leased lands are fallacious, illegitimate and illegal…deal with that!…and be prepared to deal with the sedition, crime and violence of FN terrorism.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Thanks for weighing in WL,

    I agree entirely that Mr. Tory made some good noises at one point, but aside from the very important points he failed to address, I believe he’s taken his campaign in entirely the wrong direction now by focusing so much on this faith based school issue.

    There are many important issues that he has not addressed, and much like McGuinty if elected he may not address.

    The difference that has won Mr. Tory my vote is that although we do not know what he will do if elected, we do know what McGuinty will do and how disasterous the outcome will be.

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