Originally published by the Brantford Expositor.

As one who initially helped conceive the Six Nations’ land development protocol, I would like to speak to its merits and the thoughts behind the idea in the light of recent criticism from developers, mostly, about the protocol and the fees proposed. (Edit: Extortion)

The idea came as we saw the enormous cost, (Edit: Potential for Extortion) for all concerned, of reclaiming (Edit: Illegally occupying) a relatively small piece of land in Caledonia. Not only the financial cost but also hours of lost time with our families, (Edit: Go home and stop illegally occupying DCE then) lost hours of employment income, fines, jail time and criminal records and loss of personal and friendly relations with the Caledonia folk and the animosity now ingrained. (Edit: Terrorizing the citizens of the town may have something to do with the loss of friendly relations with them)

So why not devise a way to circumvent future conflict by creating a permit process whereby the Six Nations Confederacy would have an opportunity to (Edit: Extort money from developers) comment on development of land (Edit: Issue threats) whose true ownership has yet to be resolved in a fair and equitable resolution process?

This permit process would serve many useful purposes. Developers would be made fully aware of (Edit: Things that are not their concern and that they have no legal duty to consult on) the nature of the history of the land in question and whether Six Nations, not being completely against development, has any concerns regarding archeological, environmental or culturally significant concerns. (Edit: Wants money)

The permit fee, just as a fee to any municipality, (Edit: Which are governments unlike the group of organized criminals extorting builders) would be an administrative fee to conduct the required research of the concerns mentioned above. Now Six Nations can act in a proactive manner rather than reacting with all its potential for misunderstanding and conflict. (Edit: Make even more money on their illegal occupation of DCE by threatening to attack developments that don’t pay up)

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  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    I don’t see any provision in the province’s charter/constitution for evolvong a 4th level of government with taxing and premit vending powers …when did the people delegate this sovereignty to this new governing body?

    If the government does not nip this insane presumption of expanded jurisdction in the bud, I will be moving my assets to a jurisdiction which respects and defends deeded property rights.

  2. Jeannine Thomas says:

    The people of Six Nations do not want money for the land thats been spoken of. Perhaps you dont know that the Canadian government has already made an effort to entice us with 125 million dollars for those parcels of land. The offer was refused. We care not for the money that will someday be useless to all mankind. Our beliefs, unlike the belief systems of the Whites do not revolve around material wealth and profiteering.

    You people foolishly continue to ask “Why ain’t the guvermint doin’ nothin’ about these terrorist Indians in Caledonia?”…. Has it not become obvious? The government and RCMP knows and acknowlges that the Six Nations people are in the right. After all they did sign legally binding agreemnts with us and we do have copies. Regardless of how long ago it was the agreements still have to be honoured.

    Your government does and always has held the Iroquios people in higher esteem than most other Indian Nations. One reason being that without the superior battle tactics of the Iroquois allies there would in fact not be a Canada in existence. That is why the Six Nations were granted the tract of land, which was has been agreed to be “Six miles deep on either side of the Grand River, from the source to the mouth”.

    ….Wasn’t in the fourth grade textbook huh? Yes, in school they should probably teach these sorts of important truths in Canadian history class. Maybe then some conflict would be avoided. You see if the people of caledonia an the supporters want to be pissed at someone, it should be at their own trusted government for pulling the wool over their eyes for all these years.

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    You and I will have to agree to disagree on many things Jeannine.

    I see you refer to those of us who are not Native as “Whites” just as Clyde Powless did on December 1st when he stated “Any whites left here, you’re on your own” as one of his fellow terrorists was shutting down the highway, and right before he jumped Gary McHale from behind.

    I am aware of the generous offer made to Six Nations of $125 Million and that it was rejected to ensure they don’t lose their extortion stronghold DCE.

    As for your treaties, yes there are treaties. With the British crown, not Canada.

    I believe the government inaction is due to a simple and pathetic fear of doing something as politically incorrect as offending some Native people who disguise their criminal behavior behind a shroud of stories about oppression of their ancestors and a fantasy about soverignty.

    The RCMP, CSIS, and the Canadian Armed Forces all recognize the Mohawk Warrior Society as a terrorist organization.

    On one point we do agree however. There are aspects of Canadian history which should be taught in school but are not. Likewise the teaching of hate to Native children should be stopped as force feeding any child hatred and biggotry amounts to child abuse.

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