Courage and Cowardice in Caledonia

Posted: October 7, 2007 in Caledonia, Canadian TaxPayers Federation, Election 2007, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Residents, Sam & Joe Gualtieri

October 7, 2007

With the Remember Us March just one day away, the opportunity to take a stand has shown what many people are truly made of. Perhaps it was naive of me to expect to see the “leaders” accept a chance to show leadership, but the list of true cowards is growing each day. A look at some of those who have shown great courage and some who are trying desperately to hide under a rock is in order.

The Gualtieri Family:

One can not use the words Caledonia and Courage without immediately thinking of these incredible people. After the attempted murder of Sam Gualtieri in a home he was building for his daughter on Stirling Street, these folks had every reason in the world to run and hide from the media, the public, and the thugs who altered their lives forever.

Within hours of the attack, they had decided to go to the media, fight for justice, and will have Sam’s brother Joe speaking on their behalf at the March. I have had the privilege of meeting and speaking with not only Joe but other family members and they are a true symbol of what this Country should be about. Hard working honest people who refuse to give up their rights and freedoms at the whim of a handful of criminals.

When informed of the vicious attempted murder of Sam Gualtieri, Dalton McGuinty smiled and waved to Liberal supporters at a rally in Kitchener Ontario and got back on his bus. When asked what he as the leader of this province will do about it, he muttered again about how this is a federal problem. Could a more blatant example of courage and cowardice exist? Perhaps.


For anyone who is not familiar with the girl we call Dancer, please take the time to learn about this brave girl here. At 14 years old, this young lady showed more courage than most adults. Trapped living on the Sixth Line Rd. in Caledonia with no protection from the OPP, she chose to speak out publicly about her nightmare and even went with Caledonia Wakeup Call and Voice of Canada to Queens park to tell her story to the media.

She will be speaking at the March October 8 and serves as the ultimate example of what leadership in a community should be. She has every reason to be afraid, but she chooses not to let that stand in the way of truth and justice.

Despite hearing her story, the media refused to print it and OPP commissioner Fantino refuses to this day to restore policing to the citizens of the Sixth Line. While children live in fear each day and night in their own homes, Julian Fantino speaks of keeping the peace and “discretion”.

Each night he goes home to his comfortable bed while refusing to protect innocent children because he has been given “orders” from Natives to stay off that road, and orders from McGuinty to appease them at any cost.

The Ontario Taxpayers Federation:

This rights group of more than 60,000 members stepped up to the plate and gave this March their official endorsement when asked. Despite harassment from the Natives, they have refused to back down and a statement will be read on their behalf at the March. The simple premise of equality and rule of law means something to this group and we thank them for standing up.

When approached to do the same, the Ontario Land Owners Association said they support the cause but will not endorse it because they might then be called names by the Natives.

Toby Barrett:

Mr. Barrett has been the one politician who has consistently maintained his position of support for Caledonia Wakeup Call and the March for Freedom events we have had despite harassment from the Natives not to.

Toby was a speaker at the original March for Freedom on October 15 2006 despite the fact that on the day his participation was announced. his office received hundreds of harassing phone calls. Although he will be unable to attend this event due to a previous commitment, Toby Barrett remains a man of his convictions which is far more than can be said for most politicians.

His Liberal opponent Lorraine Bergstrand on the other hand chose to publicly damn the March and those who dare to fight for freedom and our basic charter rights in Ontario. She continues to avoid the questions of constituents by spewing the rhetoric that “this is a Federal problem”. One must wonder how many tubes of Chap Stick she goes through each day kissing McGuinty’s ass.


The list is sure to grow in the next 24 hours, and hopefully some of those who lack the courage to stand up and speak out will learn something from the exceptional citizens who refuse to be silenced by the intimidation tactics of the Natives, and the OPP.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. Annie says:

    We have all become hostages to another type of tyrant. My uncles fougth with their lives along side first nations soldiers on the beaches for Canada. Today one group of tyrants runs parliament and another holds everyone hostage, commiting crimes with no consequences. Where is the Canada we fought for with our dearest blood gone. Politicians hide. OPP do nothing and Six Nations are allowed to terroize Canadians.

    If my health where better I would march beside you with my Canadian flag and my mohawk colours. Yes, I am not ashamed to show that my heritage is both. Though I would not be considered Mohawk by the tyendianga reserve, having never lived there. I was born in Canada, one part scotsman and one part mohawk, and 100% Canadian. I am completely disgusted with what has been happening in Calendonia, tyendianaga and all over Canada.

    The sad fact is that there will never be enough money to satisfy these individuals. In Kingston at a protest downtown, Mohawks said we wanted their blood. That notion is absurd. But I do believe watching all that has happened that they would like ours, our bank accounts, our jobs, our homes, our cars, and our lives. Such hatred has been shown. Shawn Brant spews such hatred. We are to pay for an insult some my great-great-great grandfather would have endured. Good lord, that is like a scotsman going to the Queen of England for some insult hundreds of years later. And by what legal document is this land stolen? I recall my grandmother talking about some chiefs who made off with reserve money, and there was a long history of this. If there are documents then they should be open to view, by all. History is what it is. One can neither escape it or hide from it. But it is just that history.

    I will remember you as you march and will be with you in spirit, my heart aches for all of you. I believe in being responsible for what you do, not what your ancestors did. People spewing hate, doing NOTHING to change anything, except spread more hate. If there is to be a resolution, it will come only when peaceful, courageous minds sit across from one another. Today I will not forget you!!!!!!!!!

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Thank you very much for the kind words Annie. My apologies for the delayed response but we’re taking some time off to rest up as there’s alot of work that goes into these events.

    The heartfelt support of people like you does alot to help keep us motivated and is greatly appreciated!

    You should be proud of your heritage as we all should and I believe the time will come when many who scream racism at us now will start to see that we are anything but anti Native. There are legitimate issues that need to be settled for Native people, but the methods of people like Shawn Brant can never be acceptable means to do so.

    Take care and be assured that I will not forget you either!


  3. Mary-Lou LaPratte says:

    Dear Jeff,
    What a wonderful letter from Annie. We, too, at Ipperwash had great native families just as traumatized as we were . Although I was unable to attend the March this year, My thoughts and prayers were for all of you in the hopes that for once some good would come to all the hard work. It did. There were many concrete suggestions for how to make things better through communication and education on the goals and aspirations for both native and non-native to promote better understanding between the two cultures and to try to compromise on what each needs to lead them to resolution of the problems encountered in land claim disputes. I truly believe that the whole situation would be vastly different if crime was not allowed, and everyone tried to deal honestly and with respect. Violence , hatred , and lawlessness must not be tolerated for any reason. Hopefully the OPP, The Province and the Federal Government will come to their senses and create policies in land claims that prohibit the criminal activities that have been ongoing and create an environment of mutual respect and honor towards solving the issues in a fair and equitable manner for all concerned. I am so proud of all the work you have done in trying to attain these goals.


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