October 9, 2007


With the first March presented by CANACE now in the history books, I’m pleased to report that it was a great success.

Video, and news reports of the day are available now at www.caledoniawakeupcall.com/topics/RememberUs.html

Hundreds of people took time out of their Thanksgiving day to come and hear the speeches and to March for Freedom with us and to you all we are grateful. Merlyn Kinrade, Joe Gualtieri, Mark Vandermaas, and Gary McHale all gave excellent heart felt speeches but it was Dancer who truly stole the show.


This now 15 year old girl brought people to tears with her heart wrenching story of not only what life was like on the Sixth Line Road when the DCE occupation broke out and the OPP abandoned them, but also gave us all a painful glimpse into the continuing hell that is life on the Sixth Line and put everyone in every level of Government and particularly the OPP to shame for their abandonment of these people. How anyone in this province can rest knowing that there are children suffering day and night in their own homes because of the failure of our Government and police force is beyond me.

A surprise appearance was made by Native spokesman Clyde Powless who asked to address the crowd. One must wonder how Lorraine Bergstrand can justify her comment that this was an “Anti Native” rally when a DCE spokesman was one of the speakers.

In a move that should shock nobody, the OPP continued their campaign to silence free speech and suppress our charter rights by blocking access to Stirling Street where we had planned to peacefully hang a Canadian flag in an area free of occupation. A big thanks to local developer and coward John Kragten for asking the OPP to arrest his fellow Caledonia residents and for having the nerve to claim that he actually owns the public road known as Stirling Street. If Mr. Kragten truly believes this, then he should contact me as I’d be happy to sell him highway 6. Your efforts to persecute your neighbors to appease the HDI will not be overlooked Mr. Kragten.

As the OPP looked on like poorly posed mannequins, the crowd broke out in a chorus of Oh Canada, and decided to take the protest elsewhere. We accepted an invite to private property on Argyle Street and proceeded to walk over, but the OPP blocked the road in another effort to interfere with our rights and freedoms.

With the media following us in cars and the OPP scrambling to figure out how to stop a group of people who simply won’t give up their rights as human beings, we marched down Thistlemoor to the shabby barricade at DCE behind the Notre Dame School. With only one officer on the scene the situation was taken completely out of the hands of the OPP and a very important point was proven.

A large group of clueless DCE criminals gathered on the other side of the barricade and begged us to come over for a fight. Clearly the only thing these people know or care about is violence and they can not comprehend what it is that we do. People foolishly continue to believe that the OPP are preventing a riot by keeping us away from the DCE criminals but for the second time now we have come face to face with them in a way the OPP could not control and absolutely nothing happened.

2 groups of people stood staring at each other, the Natives did their best to provoke a fight with us, and nobody on our side made any effort to engage them. This proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the OPP are accomplishing nothing positive on any level by constantly getting in our way. They shut down roads, paid a small army of officers a fortune in overtime, and violate our basic charter and human rights to prevent 2 groups of people from looking at one another.

To further prove our point, several of us went down to the sacred hydro poll that the OPP have been desperately keeping us away from since December 2006 and hung 2 Canadian flags. The only confrontation this caused was an OPP officer having a temper tantrum and screaming like a drill Sgt. At us.

I am honored to have been one of the first 2 people to finally hang a flag from that pole, and I hope people can see now how ridiculous it has been to keep us from doing so. There was no violence, no confrontation with anyone but a cop with a huge ego, and the world did not end.

OPP Sgt. Dave Rektor was interviewed and stated that his job was to keep the peace yesterday. How can he now explain that statement in light of the fact that we took control of the event out of their hands did almost everything they tried so hard to make sure we could never do, and everyone including the DCE occupiers remained peaceful in the process?

Some may measure the success of the event by how many attended or by our accomplishments such as hanging the flags and peacefully making the OPP look like fools at every turn, but I do so by the coverage we were able to bring to Caledonia from the Mainstream Media.

The first image shown on City TV news at 11 last night was of our event and we were one of the top stories of the night on the biggest news station in the biggest city in the Country. A station broadcasting to Millions of homes showed everyone what we’re doing in Caledonia and reminded people that this crisis has not been resolved after 19 months and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality http://www.canace.ca/
  1. Freespeecher says:

    Thanks for your coverage of this important “civil rights” event that demonstrated that Canadians STILL have some of those sovereign rights left over from the past.

    As described…the puerile attempts of that O.P.P. officer having a temper tantrum, because he couldn’t micro-manage people power, was a disgrace to the uniform! One can only imagine how his own family must cope with him, if that petty display was any indication of a supposedly mature person. I think he momentarily forgot the real people who help pay his salary.

    For supporters scattered around our country, an unloaded video presentation on “youtube” can only augment your descriptive views of these events.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Ironic that the one part of the day I most wish I had video of is that one part I do not. I spent the day taping everything that was going on but gave the camcorder to someone else while we went to hang the flag hundreds of feet away from anyone with a camera.

    It was a surreal moment that I wish I could properly share with everyone. I firmly believe that only the fear of a lawsuit caused him to scream instead of arresting me on the spot for some ridiculous trumped up charge.

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    “OPP Sgt. Dave Rektor was interviewed and stated that his job was to keep the peace yesterday”

    Actually, according to his oath and declaration to receive rank, his “job” is to uphold the rule of law as delineated in the constitution…if upholding the law were merely a matter of “Keeping peace” (ensuring non violent behavior) then all property and civil crimes would be stricken from the books…forgery, extortion, fraud, theft, smuggling, slander, vandalism, sedition…all are “peaceful” crimes where there is no violence….Extending Sgt Rektor’s disingenuous spin to reality; the absence of violence means the absence of crime….perhaps he can sell that twisted notion to victims of theft, vandalism and extortion?

    His OPP oath also legally binds him to make arrest when he witnesses a crime…no exceptions…amd Sgt Rector has watched illegal trespass and a multitude of property crimes committed by DCE vandals without making an arrest….because his boss has ordered him to break his oath and ignore his duty to obey unconstitutional policy directives.

    Sarg Rector needs to revisit his oath and recheck his moral compass when he deliberately misrepresents facts at the command of his political masters in the OPP>

  4. Aaron says:

    The hanging of two Canadian flags was indeed a very important accomplishment! Congratulations to all who made this possible, I’d be honoured to shake your hands one day.

    I was told many times that although the Criminal Code allows us to perform citizen’s arrests for any offense on our own property or for an indictable offense anywhere in Canada, the presence of a peace officer negates that right. No one however was able to prove that to me with a law book at hand.

    It seems to me that if said peace officer refused to perform an arrest, than the citizen’s hands would be untied in any case. We do have rights, we just were told too many times that we did not.

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