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Fire destroys shack at DCE

Posted: November 6, 2007 in Caledonia, DCE, Headlines, Natives

A DCE Spokesperson has announced that the run down shack at the entrance of DCE will be rebuilt this weekend after fire destroyed it Tuesday night.

Hazel Hill described the fire as ”vandalism” and “an attack on Kanonhstaton (Edit: It’s spelled DCE Hazel) by Canadians who have disturbed the peace that Six Nations has been working so diligently to preserve.”

Arson is suspected, and the racist ranting and accusations by Hazel have begun. Naturally she neglects to mention the fire started in 2006 of a model home on DCE when 2 Native factions disagreed about who would occupy it. 


CD98.9 Simcoe

Norfolk’s Mayor is responding to a media release recently put out by local MPP Toby Barrett about an agreement to cease development on an number of provincially-owned properties in the area due to aboriginal land disputes.

The properties include 14 acres in Townsend with the Spucedale Correctional Centre, the Norfolk County OPP office and the horticultural research station.

Norfolk County Council is trying to verify the truthfulness of what was included in Toby Barretts’ media release.

At this point they have traced it back to published reports in the Turtle Island News and the Chronicle in Haldimand.

Mayor Dennis Travale’s first reaction was why didn’t Mr Barrett phone his office and give the County a heads up.