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November 7, 2007

In a story that will soon be run by the Hamilton Spectator, Julian Fantino has decided to take a day off from his duties as the most over paid traffic cop in the Country to try once again to divide the residents of Caledonia.

His nature as a bully simply does not allow him to understand that he can not win a battle against truth and justice, so he’s about to announce that under his orders, the OPP have wasted $500 Thousand of your tax dollars to prevent a Canadian flag from being hung on a hydro poll in Caledonia.

He will no doubt say that Gary McHale is somehow responsible for that absurd cost, but don’t allow your intelligence to be insulted by such a claim. Take the time to review the facts so you can make the educated judgment of this announcement that Fantino desperately wants to avoid.

The OPP have chosen to disobey the Supreme Court at great cost to you:


Norfolk’s Mayor says he’s satisfied with the explanation of the “Hold” on development of provincially owned land. The recent announcement of a hold on development of land in Norfolk due to negotiations between the province, federal government, and the First Nations has caused some confusion in the county offices.

There are three areas in Norfolk which the hold affects, those are The Simcoe Agriculture Research Station, the Old OPP station on highway 3, and the Sprucedale correctional facility. In a media release Travale says “this hold does not affect any plans Norfolk might have relative to the development of county property” and that he “has been assured that the…properties will not be turned over to the First Nations”.

Travale also said that in the future he would be informed and briefed on any issue affecting Norfolk County.