Fantino McHale Gualtieri and High Treason?

Posted: November 8, 2007 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Corruption, FantinoGate, Gary McHale, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, OPP

November 8, 2007

When I ended yesterday’s scoop on Fantino about to have another fit with the ridiculous question “How long before he blames the lack of a settlement of the invalid claim to DCE on Gary McHale?” I meant it to be a joke, but apparently Julian liked the premise.

To quote the Spectator article from today “Each time McHale stages a production in Haldimand County, everyone leaves the negotiating table to deal with his antics. How is this helpful?” Clearly intimation that we are somehow responsible for stalling negotiations.

Reading today’s Spectator, I was immediately fascinated by the sight of page 4. Grouped together are a set of 3 stories that give a lot of insight into why there is such a high cost for policing in Caledonia.

On one side of the page, we have Julian Fantino blaming the cost on Gary McHale. On the other we have one of the men accused of attempted murder in the highjacking of an undercover police van from 2006, and below we have the story of one of the men accused in the vicious beating of Sam Gualtieri.

Each of them stand alone as excellent news stories, but together they provide some fascinating insight into how these people think.

From “Accused says Ottawa has no jurisdiction””

A native activist facing attempted murder and other serious charges in the hijacking of an undercover police van has accused the Canadian government of “high treason” against aboriginal people. “I’m here by force and under duress,” Albert Kirk Douglas, 32, told the justice of the peace in Cayuga court yesterday.

He said the Canadian government has no jurisdiction over his people, whom he identified as signatories of the original treaties with the British Crown. “It is imperative that this court understand that our jurisdiction extends to wherever our language, Kanienkeha (Mohawk), is spoken,” he said

So according to Mr. Douglas, he is not to be held accountable for the attempted murder of a police officer because he is Native. Furthermore, Canada has no right to protect it’s laws or it’s land If there are Natives involved because enforcement of the law is “treason against aboriginal people” So as a Country we should simple accept that our laws don’t apply to those who don’t like them?

Below this we find what could be the defence intended to be used by Byron Powless who is accused in the vicious beating of developer Sam Gualtieri in his own home this summer.

From “Teen accused in fracas in Caledonia freed on $5000 bail”

A justice of the peace in Cayuga court released him (Byron Powless) after Six Nations businessman Melvin Styres pledged the bail money and agreed to supervise him while the case is before the courts. Styres said he agreed to be Powless’s surety because he believes it’s an important time in Canadian history as the Six Nations Haudenosaunee try to assert their land rights. “He was defending the right of the Haudenosaunee people (to their land) as he understands it,” he said. He added he would teach Powless to act within the “confines of the Canadian law, so he doesn’t end up in this building again.”

So basically Mr. Powless simply didn’t know any better and thought that beating someone nearly to death was acceptable as he was “asserting Haudenoseaunee land rights” in someone else’s home.

What do these 2 stories say about the law under which these people claim they are operating? Tresspassing, assault, attempted murder, highjacking, and robbery are all acceptable under the law by which they claim to live? The same law that I have heard referred to many times as “the great law of peace”.

Why is Fantino not telling us what the cost of putting these people through the Court system is and shouldn’t he be factoring that into his estimate of how much Gary McHale has supposedly cost everyone? We work to defend all of the legitimate rights of everyone including the right to due process of the Natives who have committed countless crimes in Caledonia.

Yes folks we will defend the right of the Natives who want to tie up the courts with this silly idea that they are immune to Canadian law because they are as entitled to it as you or I would be of defending ourselves against any charge. It’s a right we all have as Canadians. We may often disagree with them, but we will defend their rights to free speech, to peaceful protest, to hang their flag on any hydro poll they want to, and the OPP would find themselves under our spotlight if they were to try to deny these rights to Natives just as they have for trying to deny them to us.

Why won’t the OPP commissioner talk about the cost of policing the illegal occupation of DCE, Deseronto, Sharbot Lake, or how about Ipperwash? He’s glad to howl about the cost of denying the rights of someone like Gary McHale. Has he in fact forgotten every word of the Oath of Office he swore to beome a police officer?

Since Julian wants to talk about costs, I have a few questions:

How is it possible that the cost of policing the occupation is now $32 Million when it was $35 Million in April of this year? How has he managed to not only apparently provide policing for free since then but also to get back $3 Million of the costs incurred?

How much was spent to have 88 specialists from the RCMP in Caledonia last year?

What was the cost of bringing in the Hamilton Tactical Unit and the RCMP to remove a handful of protestors from Stirling Street instead of having the OPP do their jobs?

How much did the investigation that Monte Kwinter ordered and then ignored into the actions of Fantino earlier this year cost?

How much did It cost to police the protests in which Shawn Brant shut down the CN Rail line, the 401, and other roads?

What is the total thus far for the medial bills of the people who have been injured at the hands of Native protestors in Caledonia because of the OPP refusal to do their job?

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    The common thread in all 3 articles is that they promote the concepts of aboriginal first, above the law, not accountable for violence against “the white man” because their motives, law and culture are superior to Canadians and their law.

    Treating them any differntly than any other citizen encourages and promotes the bigotry of first nations supremacists.

  2. It must be very tiring for Fantino to spend his time and energy attacking law abiding citizens instead of doing what it takes to provide policing for Sixth Line so children aren’t afraid in their homes. Next, he’ll be telling us the taxpayers can’t afford policing for them and blame it on McHale and the Interlopers.

    Great one, Jeff!

    Mark Vandermaas

  3. Dan says:

    And how would the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza feel if they were annexed and told “its okay, we’ll treat you as Israeli citizens.

    Or, how would you feel when the 82nd Airborne rolls into Toronto and says, “It’s okay, we’ll treat you just like citizens of any other U.S. territory”.

  4. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    Hey Dan: There is only one rule of law and one government in the nation of Canada…day dreaming about deceitful equivalencies or spewing revisionist non sense just proves my point. That being: this Mohawk claims BS is driven by a detached delusion that comes from SN racist revisionist fanaticism.

    You live in Canada in 2007..not on “Turtle island”

    The Grand river Mowhawks are immigrants from the US allowed to settle here at the indulgence of a royal colonial power . One of the agreements for occupying this tract was that the Mowhawks respect the colonial rule of law which chartered and purchased the tract ( from the indigenous Mississauga) for the transplanted US Mowhawk rent free occupancy. In any even that royal colonial power no longer exists here. Just a sovereign Canadian governing authority….so as government -indulged, resident-tenents of the crown-owned tract your loyalty shifts to the new governing body.

    The laws of Canada apply equally to all who live on its soil along with the responsibilities of citizenship.

    If this is not to your satisfaction I suggest you move back to the US where the Brits imported you from…you are not indigenous to this country, in spite of all your tribal fairy tales and deportation should be a federal option to cope with SN treason.

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