Fantino Takes Aim

Posted: November 8, 2007 in Caledonia, FantinoGate, Gary McHale, Headlines, OPP

The Hamilton Spectator
Toronto (Nov 8, 2007)

The cost of policing the native land occupation in Caledonia has reached $32 million.

All by himself, the town’s infamous “interloper,” Gary McHale, has racked up a bill of more than half a million.

That’s $500,000-plus spent to police his rallies. To shut down his flag-raisings. To watch over his stump speeches. To keep him and some supporters in jail overnight. To deal with a guy who travels from his condo in Richmond Hill every week to “stir things up” in a town that doesn’t need to be stirred any more.

That’s the way OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino sees it anyway.

It takes Fantino just three and a half minutes into an interview at his downtown Toronto office to offer up, unsolicited, the cost of policing McHale. This is at his fingertips. It takes someone else at the OPP to hunt down the $32-million figure.

This is Fantino on the attack.

Anybody who has been following the native protests in Caledonia since February 2006 knows the dispute between self-appointed watchdog McHale, who runs a controversial website critical of the OPP’s conduct in the town, and no-nonsense Fantino is nearly as heated as the land-claim issue itself. The critic and the cop have been trading barbs and legal threats publicly ever since Fantino stepped in as commissioner one year ago.

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  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    I found the twisted rationale in Fatino’s rant to be some of the most civilly offensive and contemptable mouthings ever to come from a public servant.

    Fantino blames McHale for running up the costs of “policing him” …what has Garry done to warrant this? Has he EVER broken the law? Does he have a history of acting violent? Has he ever done anything but exercise his constitutional right to free speech, to protest peacefully and to freedom of mobility?

    Of course what Fantino is deviously omitting in his condemnation of McHale is the policing is not for Garry who is unlikely to ever break a law or become violent…The “policing” is to deal with the demonstrated criminal violence of those who oppose McHale…it is to police the lawless renegades and vandals illegally squatting on public property who want to harm McHale for exercising his right to free speech and protest.

    It is apparent then that the lawless and those prone to criminal violence are dictating to Fantino WHO he polices and who he blames for their violence….and that was the nature of McHale’s protest in the first place.

    The criminals are giving the top cop his policing policies….and he is twisting like a caught thief avoiding this self evident fact from being a matter of wider public awareness…thus the bloviating and blustery indignant and finger pointing.

    Pathetic and insidiously infantile for a man in his position and responsibility.

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