Fantino building a strong relationship with criminals

Posted: November 18, 2007 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Corruption, DCE, FantinoGate, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs

November 18, 2007

Having presumably filled his quota for harassing drivers in Toronto this month, Julian Fantino granted an interview to the Hamilton Spectator regarding Caledonia, and his relationship with the criminals at DCE.

“He says he frequently meets with native leaders, eats meals with them and works on establishing a personal relationship.

Developing that trust, that dialogue, that face-to-face relationship with people … that’s why I’m spending the kind of personal time that I am. Because I want to know these people and I want them to know me, personally. I want to know them by first name. I want to be able to call them on their cell phone number as they’re able to call me. I want to be on the front end of any potential flare-up and that’s worked very, very well for us.

Fantino says his relationship with the Six Nations community is so strong, they’ve allowed him on occupied land no other white person has tread upon since the conflict began at Douglas Creek Estates some 21 months ago.”

On January 20, 2007 he hid behind locked doors peeking out a window when we asked to speak with him, but he proudly exchanges cell phone numbers with the DCE occupiers so they can call him if they want someone’s rights suspended by the OPP.

He is also happy to discuss his threatening email to Haldimand Council earlier this year:

Fantino blames the media for sensationalizing the e-mail issue. He calls his message “innocuous.”

“That’s just me expressing concern about some of the very inflammatory rhetoric that was being perpetuated by people who should know better,” he says. “How it was so unfairly characterizing the OPP and … threatening us that if this or that didn’t happen they were going to go and get someone else to do the policing. Well, all I said was ‘Fine. Go ahead.’ … That wasn’t a threat. Not legally, not morally and not ethically. I would write it again.”

This interview gave us some insight into the mind of overgrown schoolyard bully Julian Fantino, but I’m left with so many questions…

Would he crawl like the tiny man he is to Craig Grice’s house again to apologize and beg him not to file a complaint that would have cost him his cushy job? Or was that a one shot deal?

Did he really believe that nobody would find out about it?

How does it feel to know that he’s had more police service complaints filed against him than any commissioner in history and that they’re nowhere near done coming yet?

Are we to believe it’s a coincidence that his mouth has come unsealed shortly after his master McGuinty was elected to a second term?

With all of his big talk, why is he so desperately afraid of Gary McHale?

Did he get a tour of the bunkers that have been dug on DCE while there?

Was he permitted to hold one of their AK-47’s?

Did they hold a traditional tire fire to celebrate his arrival?

Did he get to sit in the backhoe and say “wheeeeeee”?

Did he see any of the deer they’re supposedly hunting in the empty field?

Did he finish his dinner off with some “healing” traditional tobacco?

Did he take a tour of Sixth Line road or would that have angered his new friends?

Was he frisked when entering DCE? I’ll bet he was.

Was the name Gary McHale mentioned more or less than 50 times during each of his visits or dinners?

Other than visiting Grice to beg for forgiveness, how often has he visited the victims living on Thistlemoor and Braemar?

How does it feel to know that we will eventually see his long career end with a whimper of disgrace?

How much longer does he intend to ignore his legal obligation to investigate the police service complaint I filed against Staff Sgt. Carter for threatening me in May 2006?

Does Gwen Boniface call and read the help wanted ads to him?

If anyone else has any questions for Ontario’s “top cop” feel free to add them and perhaps one day we will get some answers.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. Here’s a question for Fantino: “How come you have the time and energy to cosy up to occupiers who have terrorized an entire town, and attack people who haven’t committed a single crime in Caledonia, but you can’t find the time or inclination to give the order to protect the children on Sixth Line?”

    When the history of Two Tier Justice is written, I suspect that Fantino will not be treated kindly.

    Another great post, Jeff!

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    Wow! Big inroads made there. Cops building trust relationships with criminals over brandy and cigars….why didn’t Robert Peel think of this first??

    Did he come off this meeting with the criminal ocupation leadership as an “honorary occupier”?

    Did he get a free chicken feather head dress and a couple cartons of contraband smokes for his trouble?

    Does he like his new name the Occupiers have bestowed on their new “colonist friend”?

    Does he know that it actually means “chump-wears-blue” in Mohawk language?

    Will he attempt to battle organized crime with similar “understanding and sharing” banquets establishing an “empathetic trusting relationship” with the bikers and the mob?

    Questions the Spec reporter forgot to ask dances-with-wolves Fantino.

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