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Monte Sonnenberg SIMCOE REFORMER
Friday November 23, 2007

A Six Nations representative says provincial officials came up with the idea of freezing development on several properties in Norfolk and Haldimand while native land claims are being negotiated.

Brian Skye said provincial claims negotiators set aside the 14 parcels last month as potential bargaining chips in an eventual settlement of claims along the Grand River in an area known as the Haldimand Tract.


Update November 25, 2007: The officer who attemped to run over Mr. Syrie has admitted to his superiors that it happened, but claims his foot accidently slipped and hit the gas, at the same time that his arms accidently spun the steering wheel around to point the car at Mr. Syrie who was standing beside the drivers door and had to jump onto the road to avoid being hit. He also states he was enraged at the time due to Mr. Syrie holding a camera in his hand (which he was not using at the time).