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As disturbing as this story is, it’s a must read in light of the epidemic of illegal smoke shacks popping up around Caledonia)

Most people would think they know what is in the cigarettes they are smoking. If the cigarettes were smuggled and you bought them off the street, think again.

Contraband cigarettes and tobacco that were seized in B.C. were found to have insect eggs, dead flies, mold, and even human feces! RCMP labs have been testing counterfeit and smuggled cigarettes that were seized in 2006, also found some cigarettes that were entirely stuffed with tobacco stems.


Brantford Expositor, November 27, 2007

Native protesters again have shut down a building site on Grand River Avenue.

Ruby and Floyd Montour and a handful of supporters arrived at about noon at the housing project being developed by former city councillor Mike Quattrociocchi.

(Edit: because someone has allowed them to do it yet again. They’ll keep huffing and puffing until someone stands up to them and says get lost. Someone has to take a hard stand against the extortion institute or they’re overinflated ego is going to keep growing in leaps and bounds. If the Brantford police don’t have the guts to remove them, someone needs to exercise their right as a property owner to use reasonable force to remove these tresspassers from their land, and defend themselves. The sympathy from the public to allow another DCE style occupation is simply no longer there and it’s time for someone to call their bluff)


November 27, 2007

The ongoing protest known as Dougs Smokes by Caledonia resident Doug Flemming of the illegal Native smoke shacks on highway 6 outside of Caledonia have been an effort on his part to be arrested or at least shut down by the OPP so that they would have to deal with the bigger issue of Natives illegally selling tobacco off of the reserve.

Several times, Doug has set up his smoke shop on the property owned by Chris Syrie that is adjacent to DCE.



November 26, 2007

In a historic first, Aboriginal affairs minister Michael Bryant visited Caledonia today. After only 20 months, the Liberal party finally sent a representative to town. The only problem with this is he avoided residents like the plague.