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November 29, 2007

One would think that the Haldimand OPP would have learned their lesson having been sued by Dave Brown for his wrongful arrest and detainment, but their efforts to intimidate residents of Caledonia into submission appear to know no bounds.

In light of the recent attempt by an OPP officer to run him over, Chris Syrie has decided to make public another of their efforts to stop him from speaking out.


Nov. 29, 2007
Brantford Expositor

A Brantford builder remains in a standoff with Six Nations protesters over the future of his duplex development on Grand River Avenue.

Mike Quattrociocchi, a former city councillor and owner of Mayberry Homes, went in front of officials at the Haudenoshaunee Development Institute to plead for understanding on Tuesday evening, hours after Confederacy members Floyd and Ruby Montour and a handful of supporters took over the site of his four-duplex development.

But he left the meeting empty-handed.

The shutdown was the second such action since the Montours stood in front of construction vehicles in September.

The Montours said the occupation was prompted by the fact that, despite months of talking, Quattroociocchi had not yet paid assessed development fees to the HDI, nor had he signed a protocol document recognizing that organization’s jurisdiction.

(Edit: Maybe that’s because the “fee’s” are extortion, and the HDI has no jurisdiction over anything anywhere nor will they ever)

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